Affordable Table Hire for Events, South Africa: We’ve Got You Covered!

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At Event Guys, we understand that planning an event can be a daunting task, with so many details to consider and coordinate. That’s why we’re here to make at least one aspect a breeze – table hire across South Africa. As experts in affordable table rental, we offer a broad array of options to elevate your function, from sophisticated event table hire choices to practical function table hire solutions. Whether you’re orchestrating a grand corporate affair or an intimate garden celebration, our team is committed to providing both quality and style, without breaking the bank.

With our comprehensive service, you’ll find everything you need under one roof. Alongside our table offerings, we provide an impressive selection of chairs, stylish décor, and essential accessories like cutlery, fairy lights, crockery, and glassware to complete the ensemble. Our reach extends through Gauteng and affiliates across the country, ensuring that wherever you are in South Africa, top-notch tables and services are always within your reach.

Planning the layout of your venue? We recommend approximately 9 to 10 square metres for every eight guests when opting for round tables. This ensures everyone has ample space to enjoy your event in comfort. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on creating unforgettable memories for your guests.

Key Takeaways

  • Extensive range of table and chair hire to suit any event in South Africa.
  • Comprehensive event hire services including décor and essential accessories.
  • Affordable solutions for stylish and functional event furnishing needs.
  • Expert advice on spatial arrangements for guest comfort and satisfaction.
  • Accessible and high-quality services available throughout Gauteng and beyond.

Unveiling Our Event Table Hire Services

We at Event Guys, also known as TentWorx, take great pride in offering you a seamless event table hire experience. Understanding the importance of each occasion, we provide a wide range of event table hire services to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated gala, a sprightly party table hire, or a romantic wedding table hire, our portfolio is poised to enhance your event with elegance and flair.

Your One-Stop Shop for Event Furnishings

When you hire a table from us, you’re not just getting a piece of furniture; you’re securing an entire atmosphere. Our inventory is a curated selection of stylish furnishings that complement any theme or setting. From table hire for events like weddings and corporate gatherings to intimate backyard soirées, we house an array of options, including:

  • Dance floors for that perfect first dance or gala night boogie
  • Sturdy and stylish flooring solutions
  • Decor items to set the mood
  • Impeccable cutlery and crisp linen to impress your guests
  • Aw-inspiring fairy lights and ambient lighting for that magical touch

No matter where your event is set in South Africa, we provide professional, reliable function table hire services that ensure your event runs smoothly and memorably.

Why Choose Our Hire Services?

Beyond our expansive selection, here’s why clients across South Africa turn to Event Guys for their event furnishing needs:

Reason Advantages
Broad Selection A variety of tables and chairs in numerous styles and shapes to match your unique event theme.
Customised Setup From the elegant Tiffany to the casual Wimbledon, we have chairs and tables to suit every taste and occasion.
Quality Assurance Every item in our collection has been chosen for its quality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your event looks impeccable.
Professional Service Our experienced team is on hand to offer advice and support throughout your event planning process.
Nationwide Availability With services offered throughout Gauteng and affiliations across the country, we ensure top-tier table hire wherever you are.

Contacting us is simple – whether you want to discuss options, get insights from our team, or request a tailored quote. Your event is our passion, and we’re here to transform your vision into a splendid reality with our event table hire services.

“Every event is unique, and every detail counts. With Event Guys, your function’s foundations will be as sturdy as the tables we provide, and as dazzling as the service we deliver.”

Extensive Selection of Tables for Every Occasion

Elegant Wedding Table Hire

Here at Event Guys, we pride ourselves on offering an eclectic assortment tailored for every type of gathering. Understanding the pivotal role that tables play in setting the scene for any event, our inventory boasts round table hire and rectangular table hire options to meet the exacting needs of our diverse clientele. Whether it’s a lavish banquet or a professional symposium, our table rental solutions are at your service to enhance the ambiance and functionality of your occasion.

From Round to Rectangular: Find Your Perfect Match

Our range of tables encompasses various designs to complement the distinct energy of each event. Round tables are a classic choice for banquets and weddings, promoting convivial conversations and an intimate setting. On the flip side, rectangular tables are exemplary for conferences and workshops, where a more structured seating plan is often essential.

  • Round Table Hire: Ideal for sociable banquets and elegant dining.
  • Rectangular Table Hire: Perfect for corporate events and formal conferences.

Matching your event’s atmosphere with the right table shape profoundly influences guest experience and overall decor. Let us assist you in selecting the table that best aligns with your event’s theme and logistics.

Elegant Wedding Tables to Professional Conference Setups

Our commitment to excellence extends to providing elegant wedding table hire services that promise to add a touch of sophistication to your special day. For corporate clients, our conference table hire options ensure a professional and conducive environment for networking and presentations. Browse through our showcase of elegant table setups, and you’ll find just the right furniture to underline the tone of your event.

“Every affair deserves its own unique ambiance, and with our extensive table selection, that unique touch is guaranteed.”

To illustrate our diverse offering, below is a snapshot of various occasions and the recommended table selection for each:

Event Type Recommended Table Reason for Recommendation
Weddings Round Tables Encourages intimate conversations and fits elegantly within most venues.
Conferences Rectangular Tables Facilitates organization and interaction amongst attendees.
Banquets Round or Rectangular Tables Flexible layouts that can be adapted to the size and purpose of the event.
Outdoor Events Round Tables Fosters group interaction in an informal setting with scenic views.
Gala Dinners Round Tables Suits formal attire events with a focus on guest interaction.

Partner with us, Event Guys, and we’ll ensure your affair is outfitted with the highest quality furnishings, matched exquisitely to your theme. Reach out and let us bring the vision of your event to life with our unique selection of tables for hire.

Stress-Free Party Planning with Event Guys

Embarking on the journey of party planning can often feel like navigating through a labyrinth of decisions and chores. But fret not, because we at Event Guys are here to illuminate that path, turning your event planning into a walk in the park. We specialise in simplifying your experience by providing comprehensive event table hire and party table rental services that are guaranteed to elevate the aesthetic of your celebration while easing the burden off your shoulders.

Our dedication to streamlining your party preparations is embodied in our end-to-end offering. We don’t just stop at tables; our product range extends to include every piece of furniture and decor you might need to create an enchanting setting for your event. The moment you decide to partner with us, the once daunting task of party organizing becomes an enjoyable and stress-free spree.

What We Offer: Beyond the Table

While event table hire is at the core of our services, our offerings encompass far more, ensuring that every aspect of your event’s furnishing needs is met with style and precision. Take a glance at our comprehensive range:

  • Assorted table shapes and sizes for all event styles
  • Elegant chairs that complement our tables flawlessly
  • Decor items to tie the theme of your event together
  • Chic cutlery, crisp linen, and sparkling glassware to impress even the most discerning of guests
  • Magical fairy lights and ambient lighting for that enchanting evening atmosphere

With our experienced team by your side, rest assured that the quality of your hired items is second to none. Our goal is to reflect excellence in every facet of our service, so you can imbibe the joy of your event, content in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

“Transform your event into an elegant soiree or a vivacious party with our diverse and superior quality table hire options. With Event Guys, cherish the moments and leave the logistics to us.”

Why Choose Event Guys for Your Next Celebration?

We understand that the secret to a successful event lies in the reliable, stylish, and cost-effective solutions offered to our clients. Below is a table highlighting why countless party planners have put their trust in our services:

Benefit How it Enriches Your Event
Versatile Selection Choose from an array of table designs to match the unique flair of your event.
Quality Decor and Furnishing High-quality, well-maintained items that ensure a pristine look throughout your event.
Affordable Elegance Competitive pricing that allows for a lavish setup without the lavish cost.
Comprehensive Services From planning advice to setup and dismantling, we cover all your event needs.
Customer Satisfaction A dedicated team ready to go the extra mile to ensure your event is a hit.

Therefore, whether it’s a grand ball, an intimate anniversary celebration, or a sprightly year-end corporate bash, let the Event Guys aid you in materialising a seamless and splendid fête. It’s not just about hiring tables; it’s about creating memories.

Contact us today and let’s make your next event exceptional, because with Event Guys, every celebration is a triumphant tale just waiting to be told.

Quality and Style within Your Budget

Stylish Table Rental Options

At Event Guys, we recognise that the allure of an event lies not just in its execution, but also in the aesthetics and comfort it offers. It’s our commitment to supply both quality table hire and stylish table rental solutions that resonate with sophistication, all while maintaining affordability. Our ethos is grounded in making sure that affordable event furnishings are at the forefront of what we offer, so you can orchestrate a celebrated event without the worry of excessive expenses.

Top-Notch Table Hire without the Price Tag

Discover our range of tables that seamlessly blend quality with competitive pricing, allowing you to style your event as envisaged:

Table Type Style Event Suitability Affordability
Elegance Series Sleek, Modern Finish Corporate Galas, Product Launches High-value cost effectiveness
Classique Collection Timeless Wood Design Weddings, Anniversary Celebrations Mid-range, Premier Selection
Festive Array Bright, Sturdy Make Outdoor Festivals, Casual Gatherings Most Economical for Bulk Hire

Our dedicated team at Event Guys takes pride in sourcing furniture that stands the test of time in both durability and style, ensuring that our table rental offerings are not only stylish but also built to handle the excitement and vigour of any celebration.

“Spare no expense on style while saving on cost. At Event Guys, we rise to the occasion so that your event setting is dressed to impress.”

With our extensive catalogue, you can rest assured that choosing Event Guys means opting for a service that cherishes your vision. We’ve meticulously curated our inventory to include pieces that will elevate your event’s charm and ensure your guests are captivated by the environment you’ve envisioned, all the while ensuring that your budgetary goals are met and respected.

  • Opulent finishes that exude class
  • Robust construction for reliability
  • Economical selections for the cost-conscious planner

Reach out to us today and experience the unique blend of accessible luxury and practicality with Event Guys, where your event’s finesse awaits its fruitful realisation.

Seamless Service Across Gauteng and Beyond

As Event Guys, we’re immensely proud of our personalised approach to table hire Gauteng and our expansion through meaningful collaborations that establish us as a provider of nationwide table hire services. Our partnerships across South Africa are the linchpins of our operation, allowing us to deliver event table rental coverage far and wide, making us a truly national force in event furnishing.

Collaborative Partnerships for Nationwide Coverage

We understand the essence of connectivity in today’s world, particularly when it comes to event planning. That’s why we’ve cultivated a network of partnerships that ensure, no matter where your celebration is in South Africa, Event Guys can provide you with exquisite tables and services.

Be it a luxury engagement party in the sprawling vineyards of the Cape or a large-scale corporate event in the bustling heart of Johannesburg, our extensive network guarantees seamless event hire solutions for every occasion. Here’s how our collaborations benefit your event:

“With every table we hire out, we’re setting the stage for memories that will last a lifetime.”

Partner Benefits Description
Local Expertise Local providers in our network have invaluable knowledge of their specific regions across South Africa.
Resource Sharing Pooling resources with our partners means we can handle events of any size, anywhere.
Logistical Efficiency Strategic placement of hire stock reduces transport times and costs, ensuring timely setup for your event.
Uniform Quality No matter where you are, you receive the same high-quality tables and service you expect from us.
Customer Satisfaction Seamless integration of services means your event planning experience is hassle-free and enjoyable.

Our mission is to simplify your event furniture needs and to do so with a flair that’s distinctly Event Guys. Let us take the strain off your shoulders, be it in Gauteng or beyond, for splendid events you and your guests will treasure.

  • Experts in event table rental coverage that cater to your specific location and needs
  • Pledged to exemplary service delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Accommodating events of all scales and natures through nationwide table hire services

Contact us today to experience the convenience and elegance that Event Guys bring to your special occasions, wherever they may be.

Determining the Amount of Space You Need

Event Space Estimation and Setup

When orchestrating an event, one of the crucial considerations we at Event Guys take very seriously is event space estimation. It’s not just about the number of tables or chairs you need; it’s about the overall room setup for table hire, ensuring each of your guests is surrounded by comfort and class. Our guiding principle? Providing ample space to foster a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

How to Estimate the Room for your Event Set-Up

Knowing how much room you’ll need for an event can be quite the head-scratcher. Thankfully, with years of experience, we’ve pinpointed that a spatial allocation of 9 to 10 square metres for every eight guests, utilising round tables, strikes the perfect balance between intimacy and freedom of movement.

Of course, aside from the guest tables, special attention is paid to the central features of your event. For instance, the head table and the buffet setup are pivotal points that also require careful space planning. To prevent any guesswork on your part, here’s a table detailing our approach to space estimation:

Event Element Space Requirement Purpose
Round Tables (per 8 guests) 9-10 square metres Guest Seating
Head Table 9 square metres Honouring VIPs
Buffet Table 9 square metres Food Service

“An event with room to move is an event remembered with joy. Comfort is key in making memorable gatherings.”

We’re proud to say that our team at Event Guys always puts your and your guests’ needs at the forefront. Planning your event’s space with precision not only enhances everyone’s experience but also accentuates the elegance of your setup. Remember, in the realm of events, space is not just physical — it’s psychological. More room equates to more comfort, leading to a richer experience.

  • Shared knowledge of room setup for events
  • In-depth insight into event space estimation
  • A stress-free event planning experience

Contact us today to discuss your space requirements, and let us assist in laying the foundation for a supremely comfortable and unforgettable event.

Adaptable Tent Hire Options for Outdoor Beauty and Comfort

At Event Guys, we pride ourselves on our range of tent hire options tailored to celebrate the beauty of South Africa’s diverse outdoors while combatting its equally diverse climate. From the enchanting Bedouin tents, perfect for creating an atmosphere that protects your guests from strong winds and sun, to the grandeur of marquee tent rental options ideal for larger events requiring full enclosure, our selection is designed to adapt to your specific outdoor event needs.

Understanding the unpredictable nature of South African weather patterns, we’ve put together an offering that ensures your event is sheltered without compromising on the aesthetic appeal or comfort:

  • **Bedouin Tents:** Known for their striking architectural beauty, these tents offer a versatile space that can be molded to fit different terrains and sizes.
  • **Marquee Tents:** When it comes to creating a secured and enclosed venue outdoors, our marquee tents are second-to-none, providing a haven regardless of the weather.
  • **Aluminium Frame Tents:** These sturdy structures can be set up on any surface and efficiently withstand a range of weather conditions, giving you peace of mind.

To aid in your decision-making, below is a table that compares the features of each tent type we offer:

Tent Type Visual Appeal Weather Protection Versatility Recommended Use
Bedouin Tents High Wind & Sun Excellent for uneven terrains Intimate gatherings, day events
Marquee Tents Classic Wind, Sun, Rain Suitable for large-scale events Weddings, corporate events
Aluminium Frame Tents Modern All-weather proof Indoors and outdoors versatility Exhibitions, trade shows

“Whatever the forecast, your event will bask in the glory of our aesthetically pleasing shelters.”

We at Event Guys are passionate about ensuring that your outdoor event thrives, regardless of the elements. Be it the grand majesty of the Bedouin tents, the comprehensive coverage of marquee tents, or the practical resilience of aluminium frame tents, we’ve got you covered with options to make your event a resounding success. Our tents aren’t just shelters; they’re the canvas for your celebration’s memories.

Dive into our Catering & Equipment Hire Extras

At Event Guys, we extend beyond just setting the scene with exquisite tables. Through our esteemed sister company, Dine by Design, we’re poised to indulge your guests with a gastronomic adventure they won’t soon forget. With our expertise in catering hire and equipment rental, we curate a feast that is as visually impressive as it is palatably satisfying. The culinary journey is a pivotal part of any event, and with Dine by Design’s extensive menu and seasoned staff, we guarantee a dining experience that complements every moment of your celebration.

Feasting Options with Dine by Design

Our culinary offerings are crafted meticulously to suit your personal tastes and event theme. The possibilities are endless, from gourmet canapés to sumptuous banquets, all executed with finesse and thoughtful presentation. Allow us to enhance your event with our exceptional catering hire services, securing Dine by Design’s renown for turning dining into more than just a meal — it’s a spectacle.

“At the heart of every memorable event is the delight of a well-crafted menu that echoes the theme and impresses every sense.”

Here are just a few highlights from our extensive equipment rental list that could elevate your event:

  • Elegant glassware to toast to the occasion
  • Sleek silverware, aligned with the sophistication of your event
  • Classic white or thematic coloured linen to set the tone
  • Professional catering equipment ensuring food is presented at its best

To provide a clearer insight into how we can tailor our services to your needs, we have laid out some well-curated catering options:

Menu Type Description
Cocktail Canapés Exquisite small bites perfected for mingling and conversation starters.
Buffet Spread A sumptuous array inviting guests to indulge in a variety of tastes and textures.
Plated Meals Individually curated plates presented with the artistry to grace any gala.
Bespoke Menus Fully customisable culinary creations themed around your unique event.

Choosing Event Guys for your event needs, including catering hire and equipment rental, means choosing flawlessness. Each dining experience we create with Dine by Design is an affirmation of this promise.

In conclusion, we at Event Guys, together with Dine by Design, are passionate about creating an all-encompassing event atmosphere that leaves a lingering impression. Our collaborative effort ensures every sip, bite, and moment is steeped in excellence. For an event where the catering and equipment are as much a talking point as the occasion itself, entrust us with your needs.

How Our Expertise Complements Your Vision

At Event Guys, our event expertise is not just about providing furniture; it’s about understanding and realising your event vision. Through professional event planning, we take pride in our ability to showcase our clients’ concepts and transform them into tangible, extraordinary experiences. Our portfolio of hiring options underscores our commitment to this personalised service.

We are at the forefront of conceptualising environments that resonate with the desired atmosphere of every individual occasion. It’s a journey we embark on together, ensuring that your event is not only successful but also feels like a natural extension of your own creative aspirations.

“The essence of a remarkable event lies in the beautiful alignment of our expertise with your unique story and vision.”

Our team has curated an exhaustive portfolio that caters to an extensive spectrum of themes and setups. This allows us to guarantee that every element, from the aesthetics to the functionality, is in sync with your vision for the day. Here’s how we tailor our services to meet your requirements:

Service Aspect Our Approach Your Benefit
Understanding Your Vision We listen intently, ensuring every detail aligns with your concept. A tailored event that feels authentically ‘you’.
Extending Diverse Options Providing a wide range of decor and furnishing styles. Freedom to choose elements that reflect your themes and preferences.
Expert Execution Professional, timely delivery and setup of all elements. Smooth, worry-free event day operations.
Adaptable Solutions Responsive to changes and last-minute adjustments. Flexibility that accommodates the dynamic nature of events.
Sustainable Practices Eco-friendly options without compromising on quality or style. An event that’s not only beautiful but also contributes positively to the environment.

In addition to our bespoke table and decor hire, we are increasingly incorporating sustainability into our operations. This commitment to eco-friendly practices permits us to not only meet current demands but also cater to the future of event planning where ‘green’ will no longer be just an option – it will be the expectation.

  • Personal consultation to discover your event’s essence
  • Adaptation of our service offerings to align seamlessly with your preferences
  • Timely and polished execution from setup to breakdown

As we continue to expand our services and adapt to the ever-evolving world of events, we invite you to experience the cohesion of professional prowess and personal passion that we bring to the table. Our dedication is always to elevate your event from a mere idea to a resplendent reality that leaves an enduring impression.

Getting a Quote is Easy: Contact Us Today!

If you’re looking to get a table hire quote or event furniture quote, you’ve come to the right place. We at Event Guys make the process straightforward and transparent. You can easily reach out to our dedicated team to discuss your precise needs, and we’ll ensure a hassle-free experience from the first call to the final arrangements.

“Envision your event brought to life with the perfect furniture, and let us provide you with a competitive quote that aligns with your vision.”

Wondering how to get started? It’s simple – follow these steps:

  1. Contact us via phone to speak directly with one of our event specialists.
  2. Alternatively, fill out our online form with the details of your event.
  3. We will walk you through the options and provide a detailed quote tailored to your event’s specific requirements.

Our goal is to furnish your event with style and convenience, all at a price that suits your budget. Check out the straightforward table below to guide you through the quote process:

Step Details Your Action
1. Initial Inquiry Initial discussion about your event requirements and preferences. Contact us by phone or complete our online form.
2. Quote Customisation We tailor options and provide a detailed quote that covers all your furnishing needs. Review and provide feedback or additional needs.
3. Confirmation & Payment Agree on the final details, confirm the booking, and secure your event date. Confirm details and process payment.

Every celebration is unique, and we pride ourselves in offering personalised service that respects that uniqueness. Don’t hesitate to let us know your specific requests or concerns—we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

“Your event deserves our undivided attention, and with Event Guys, that’s exactly what it gets.”

To get a table hire quote, contact us now and cross one more item off your planning list. We’re ready to make your event unforgettable with our top-notch furniture and stylish décor.


In summary, at Event Guys, our commitment to providing quality table and chair hire, coupled with comprehensive event planning solutions, ensures a seamless experience for our clients across South Africa. Our extensive range of hire options has been curated with the aim of bringing sophistication and practical functionality to every event space, without imposing an exorbitant cost. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a lavish gala, we’ve proudly partnered with our clients to create atmospheres of elegance and enjoyment.

Utilising our nationwide network, we extend our services beyond Gauteng to deliver top-tier event furnishings wherever they may be needed. It’s our mission to not only meet but exceed expectations by offering diverse and adaptable setup options that are guaranteed to align with the unique essence of each celebration. By choosing Event Guys, you’re opting for a trusted partner in your event’s success.

We understand that bringing your envisioned event to life is an intricate tapestry of decor, culinary excellence, and guest comfort. This is why we ensure that every aspect of our service delivery complements your concept, from offering quality table and chair hire to ensuring the overall execution contributes to an event that’s both remembered and cherished. Contact us today and take that assured step towards a memorable occasion with Event Guys by your side.


What types of tables can I hire for my event in South Africa?

Our range includes various shapes and sizes such as round and rectangular tables, perfect for any event from weddings to conferences. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand affair, we’ve got the tables to suit your needs.

Are your table hire services affordable?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on offering high-quality tables for hire at an affordable price, ensuring that you can style your event elegantly without breaking the bank.

Can I also hire chairs and other event furnishings from you?

Yes, we’re your one-stop shop for event hire services, and our selection extends beyond table hire to chairs, décor items, tableware, glassware, and linen. We can provide everything you need to make your event a success!

Is it possible to get a quote for event table hire?

Certainly! Getting a quote from us is straightforward – just give us a call or fill out an online form with details of what you need, and we’ll provide you with a transparent and detailed quotation.

What makes your service stand out for party planning?

Our all-inclusive service simplifies the party planning process by taking care of all the event furnishings and décor. This allows you to focus on enjoying the event, confident in the quality and style of the items you’ve hired.

Do you offer tent hire options for outdoor events?

Yes, we offer a selection of tent hire options ideal for outdoor events. With beautiful Bedouin tents, sturdy marquee tents, and versatile aluminium frame tents, we cater to any surface and weather conditions ensuring your comfort and the beauty of your event.

Can you accommodate events outside of Gauteng?

Certainly! With our affiliations and partnerships, we offer seamless table hire services nationwide. Just let us know where your event will be, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do you provide catering and equipment hire services?

Through our sister company, Dine by Design, we offer a comprehensive catering experience. This ensures not only that your event will look good but also that your guests will enjoy excellent culinary delights.

How do you ensure that your tables and setups complement our event vision?

Our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every event. We work closely with you to understand your vision and translate it into a reality, ensuring every aspect of the setup adds to your event’s overall experience.

What’s the recommended amount of space I should account for when planning my event layout?

A general guideline is to allow 9 to 10 square metres for every 8 guests using round tables, which will ensure comfort and ease of movement at your event. We also account for space needed for head tables, buffet setups and any other additional elements you will have at your event.

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