Bar Infrastructure

We would love to offer any of our specialized bar, decor, and staff services for events you may be involved in.  We’re hoping there may be an opportunity to be added to your preferred supplier list.

Events Guys excels in mobile bars, staff, and decor. Our portfolios include our specialized services from our Box Bar and mobile bar units.  This includes cocktails, slushy’s, full local bars, and coffee and concept drink bars, to name a few.  Our bar services include everything, so you don’t worry about a thing.  This includes staff, ice, glassware, stock on consignment, equipment, etc.  As the service changes, we bring in the required items for that service.  These bar services can service any market, from outdoor to corporate or intimate private parties.


Our staff offering includes bartenders, waiters, promoters, hostesses, and reception staff, which we continue to push to the highest level possible for all events.  Our company was founded on a staff database, and we always push to have the very best staff at every event.  Our staff has all been vetted by us and work for us officially, so you don’t ever have random people working at your event.


Our decor offering really is unlimited, as we offer basic white furniture to fully trending colored couches, geometric-shaped decor, and the liveliest flower arrangements.  Our in-house decor manager has a key eye for detail and loves the challenge to style any event with the brief provided.   With a decor, furniture, and flower offering so large, it’s very difficult to contain this in a catalog, especially as new trends come in and we keep adding to our decor holding.  As you send us requests, we support all decor quotes with a mood board of our vision and decor/furniture/flowers quoted.  

Should you want to read Testimonials or look at our services more in-depth, please go through our website, or I’ll be more than happy to sit with you to chat about opportunities in working together.  We’re very transparent in our business approach so we will always target a valued relationship over the bottom line. 

If you have any queries, please give me a shout.  I will be more than happy to meet for coffee and discuss any opportunities.