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Bedouin stretch tents

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What is a stretch tent?

The basic design of a Bedouin stretch tent is based on traditional Bedouin tents. It offers a sheltered space that can be used all year long. Flexible poles allow them to be adjusted to suit the environment, event size, and weather conditions.

This versatile, lightweight tent is UV protected and waterproof. It is easy to set up and transport, making it a popular choice at outdoor events. A Bedouin tent can create the perfect atmosphere for any event, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary celebration, or family picnic.

Traditional Bedouin tents were made from goat or camel hair. The tents provided shade for the tribes during outdoor events. They also were divided into two separate sections for entertaining and private activities. Traditional Bedouin stretch tents can be square or round and can be rectangular, round or rectangular.

Stretch tents are flexible enough to fit around awkward areas, such as narrow walkways or trees. They are also much easier to transport and store than marquees. Depending on the size, they can be set up in less than an hour.

How long can a stretch tent last?

Modern stretch tents are modular structures that can be rigged to different configurations. They can be used for various events, from backyard gatherings to corporate events. They’re also versatile enough to be used during sporting events and concerts. You can find the perfect bedouin tent for you, whether you are planning a desert wedding or a romantic getaway in the middle of the city.

Although many people mistakenly consider the Bedouin tent a medieval tent, it is actually a modern version. The original tent was used to entertain guests and protect them from the elements, but now it’s a modern-day option for many different types of events. Stretch Tents are waterproof and made from some of the most technologically advanced fabrics. You can also choose from a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can find the right one for your event.

The original design of the bedouin stretch tent is made from stretchy fabric that absorbs sound. In contrast, normal marquees are made from PVC, making the sound echo more. This gives the bedouin tent a peaceful atmosphere and unique appearance.

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Are stretch tents waterproof?

While bedouin and stretch tents are often associated with fancy pop-up restaurants, festivals and Pinterest-worthy weddings, their humble roots are much older. These tents are derived from the traditional shelters of the nomadic Arab tribes. They are made of UV-protected 3-ply fabric and supported by freestanding wooden poles.

Because all seams are bonded together, the fabric is waterproof. This type of tent also has a special shape that prevents water from pooling on the roof. The tent’s shape allows water to drain to the ground, which reduces the risk of leaks and keeps guests dry.

Stretch tents are great for large events. They are easy to set up and flexible. They can also be custom-made to fit the event’s size and shape. A bespoke tent can be made with your logo or custom colour.

Can you put a tent on concrete?

First, you should ensure that the surface on which you plan to put your tent is free of debris. You must ensure the site is completely flat and free of pebbles, as these could rip the bottom of the tent. Next, lay out the tent with the tarp side facing down. Check all four corners to ensure that there is no debris.

A stretch tent is a flexible fabric structure supported by poles at the perimeter and in the centre. Guylines extend from these poles to a network of anchors. These guylines are used to tension the fabric and keep it in place. The fabric is made of a knit polyester material with a slight stretch, which helps it easily be shaped onsite.

Another advantage of stretch tents is their ease of use. Even a single person can do it in a short time. Alternatively, you can hire a company to set up the stretch tent. Moreover, they are very cheap. So, it makes sense to hire a stretch tent and save money.

How many people can fit into a stretch tent?

The question “How many people can fit into a Bedouin tent?” is the answer. It all depends on your personal preferences as well as the layout of your event. The Bedouin tent is available in a variety of configurations. It can be attached to a fixed structure or freestanding. The unique design of the Bedouin tent allows for flexibility and can be set up almost anywhere.

The bedouin stretch tent is a freestanding structure that departs from the usual white PVC marquee. It is waterproof and designed to stretch to fit any location. It is made from BEDOUINFLEX ™, a two-way stretch fabric.

A 30′ x 60′ tent is most common for large events. It can hold up to 225 guests theatre-style or 144 people in banquet rows of eight. A tent measuring 40×60 feet can hold 120 round tables for eight. There is also space for a buffet or a dance floor.

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How long does it take for a stretch tent to be up?

Stretch tents can be set up in a short amount of time. This type of tent is made of a single sheet of waterproof material and stretched over the area where you wish it to be placed. Freestanding poles are then used to shape the tent into the desired shape. Depending on the size of the tent, this process can take less than an hour for two people.

A stretch tent is made from tough nylon filament material, which is waterproof to 100 percent. It can withstand any weather conditions and will last several years. Stretch tents can last as long as 7 years, depending on how well they are treated.

Stretch tents are lighter than traditional marquees, making them easy to transport and erected in almost any location, including uneven ground. A team of experienced riggers can set up a 600m2 structure in less than three hours. This allows contractors to set up multiple structures simultaneously, which can help save money.

What size tent is needed for 100 people?

To figure out what size tent you need, start by calculating the number of people you expect to be at your party. Then divide the guests by eight to get the square footage required for each table. Eight people can sit at a sixty-inch round table. Therefore, a 100-square-foot tent would hold eight tables.

These factors will determine the size of the tent. You will need approximately 1250 square feet to create a theatre-style seating arrangement. This is approximately 80 square feet per eight guests. You’ll also need extra space for an aisle bar, cake table, cake table, and dancefloor. Consider using folding chairs or wooden slices for a unique look. You may also want to cover the tables with metallic foil for the ultimate effect.

A larger tent is required if you plan to serve a buffet or use cocktail tables. It would help if you also considered adding additional seating for your band and DJ. This will keep your guests away from the noise.

What size tent is required for 150 guests?

To determine the size tent you need for your wedding, calculate how many guests you will expect. If you plan to serve a sit-down dinner, you’ll need at least a 20′ X 30′ frame tent. For a reception with tables, you’ll need square footage.

If you’re having a large outdoor event, you’ll probably want to rent a tent. This will greatly protect you from the elements while allowing you to enjoy the view. However, deciding how large a tent to get can be tricky. To make things easier, you can use standard calculations. A round table can hold eight people. This means that each table will need approximately 100 square feet.

Another factor to consider is seating arrangements. If you have a seated dinner for 150 people, you’ll need a larger tent than a theatre-style seating arrangement. In addition to the number of guests, you’ll also need a space for catering and event staff.

How long are stretch tent poles?

When setting up a stretch tent, you need to consider the height and shape of your site. To prevent lateral movement, the central stake should be secured in the ground with one or more stakes at least 25mm in diameter. The tent should be secured at the base by pegs. These should be placed at each corner.

Once you have chosen the size and shape of your tent, you will need to attach the poles. Once done, you should pull the shock cord to create tension in the elastic. This should be enough tension to hold the sections together. Then tie the extra shock cord. Be sure to measure the length of the poles before you tie them together, as you will need them at various points to secure the tent.

It is easy to set up a stretch tent. Unlike other types of tents, there are no limits to how long a stretch tent can be. If you have two people working together, a tent measuring 49 x 46 feet can be set up in less than an hour. Alternatively, a tent of 26 x 33 feet should take only 30 minutes if you are alone.

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Do stretch tents have sides?

Bedouin and stretch tents are two styles of tents, both of which are highly water-resistant. They are made from advanced fabrics and are highly customizable. They are great for many events, including weddings and birthday parties, beer gardens, and fairs. They are also a fantastic choice for markets and other outdoor events, as they add atmosphere and are suited for any theme.

The unique features of the stretch and bedouin styles make them suitable for outdoor events. They are lighter than traditional marquees and can be easily transported and set up on the uneven ground. A skilled team can set up a 600-square-metre stretch tent in less than 3 hours. Event planners can save time and money by setting up multiple structures daily.

The Bedouin Tribe of North Africa inspires stretch tents. They have flowing shapes and can be set up with different pole positions to create different visual effects. They are also 100% waterproof and fireproof. They also withstand high winds and don’t create any noisy flapping. They can be combined to create larger structures.

Interesting facts about bedouin tents, the inspired modern-day tent

Bedouin tents are not like modern stretch tents.

These tents are also known by the name Black Tents. Black tent membranes are traditionally made from goat’s or camel’s wool and handwoven on ground looms by Bedouin women. Convection allows air to enter and exit through the loose fibre, cooling the interior. The black fibre provides shade during the day and protection against the cold at night. Freeform(r) tents can be purchased in various colours, including White Translucent and White Black-out, Platinum, Taupe (Beige), Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Black. *Custom colours can be ordered on both sides with a minimum order of 1000m

The fabric is waterproof in actuality!

The tent membrane becomes waterproof when it rains. It is made of loosely woven woollen fibres that absorb water. It took several years of intense R&D to create a waterproof stretch fabric. This is amazing technology. We are now able to offer a variety of waterproof fabrics to our markets. Our waterproof polymeric coating with double-taped and welded seams provides durability and strength and guarantees a waterproof tent that is 100% waterproof.

You might think it would be stuffy under a bedouin tent in the hot desert climate, but it’s not.

The material is loosely knit, allowing air to pass through and smoke to escape. It’s cool in the heat and warm when it’s cold. Our tents are much more ventilated than traditional marquees that have poor ventilation. A Freeform(r) stretch tent can be rigged with open sides to allow cool air to circulate within the tent.


The shape of our tents is inspired by the organic nature of the Nomad or Bedouin tents. It is rectangular and can be pulled into any shape you require. The Black tent’s shape also allows for natural ventilation. The tent’s black roof is heated by the sun. This causes hot air to rise to the top of the tent and force air out. This creates a cooling breeze effect on hot days.

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