Custom Exhibitions Stands

Information about Custom Exhibition Stands

Event Guys builds and designs exhibition stands to meet clients’ unique needs.

From the briefing and design to the final build by our production staff, we manage the project.

A striking, eye-catching, and engaging exhibition stand will help you achieve your goals and bring life to your brand. We can help you with everything, from shell scheme rentals and custom-built stand designs to virtual stands, event management, and showmanship.

You can easily go from an idea to a live environment, no matter how small or large. Our strategy, customer service, and creative teams are focused on your goals so that every trade show booth design is as unique as yours.

We take all the hassle out of managing multiple-city and multi-country tours. This allows you to concentrate on the show floor connections.

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  • Showing off is easy
  • Maximize face-time, strengthen relationships and make more sales
  • Discover new services and products that are exciting!

We can assist with:

  • Stand design solutions that are creative and custom to your needs
  • With audiovisual, graphics, and aesthetics expertise, we can help you bring your brand to life.
  • Custom-built exhibition stand and fabrication
  • Management of the project and on-site
  • To broadcast your message beyond the live experience, integrate comms campaigns
  • Implementation of appropriate strategies, whether virtual or in-person

Stands for custom-built builds

You can make a big impact with a modest budget. Also, you can save time and money by streamlining your planning.

Permanent installations

You can stop your audience dead in their tracks by creating brand experiences that last beyond a single moment.

Hybrid stand solutions

Whether in an exhibition hall or sitting on their couches, create memorable experiences that make attendees feel alive.

Your event planning and management are assets.

You can save time and money by entrusting the storage and shipment of your exhibition stand assets to professionals.

Mobile tours

Get your message across with unique mobile experiences that are fun and memorable.

Design of an exhibition stand

We’ll create a stand that suits your brand and customize it with graphics. Your stand is ready when you arrive at the show.

Design and delivery of the Shell Scheme

You are only limited in your imagination regarding flexible solutions for shell scheme stand sizes of any size.



An ISOframe Custom exhibition stand is the best choice if you want to make a lasting impression, raise your brand profile, and reuse it again and again. Our factory can design and manufacture your stand to your specifications. You have the option to reconfigure it as your needs change.

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Pre-build
  • Installation
  • ReconfigureReconfigure


Our design team works with the most up-to-date 3D systems to transform your ideas and needs into stunning solutions. Before you buy, you can view the final result of your stand.


Each of our stands is pre-built before each show, so you can review them and make any necessary changes.


After constructing your stand exactly as you requested, our professional installation team will carefully take it down and pack it away for the next exhibition.

Why choose custom exhibition stands?

We have the perfect solution for every need. No stand is too small or too big. We will work with you to create a custom proposal tailored to your needs.

This solution will allow you to show personality and confidence, which will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Event Guy’s custom exhibition stands can be manufactured to exacting standards. Custom-built stands are best suited for one-off events but can also be made for future use. Our clients can save money using custom-built stands for long-term or multiple shows.

Our custom exhibition stands to transform your brief into a unique solution.

We create custom stands to engage clients.

We can deliver custom-made exhibition stands because we have the entire process in-house.

All aspects of designing and building custom exhibition stands are done under one roof. Our dedicated team of account managers and project managers will manage the communication from design concepts through construction.