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Discover Top-Notch Function Hire for Any Occasion with Us

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When it comes to creating unparalleled celebrations and corporate events, we, the events Guys, are steeped in the business of making memories. Whether you’re searching to elevate your function with exquisite venue hire or need comprehensive party hire solutions in South Africa, our commitment to excellence is second to none. From meticulous planning to seamless execution, we specialise in providing end-to-end services that encompass every aspect of event hire and ensure no detail is overlooked.

Understanding that each event is distinctly unique, we pride ourselves on delivering a variety of function hire options personalised to meet your specific needs. Be it a milestone birthday celebration or an important corporate function, we are here to support you in transforming your vision into reality, guaranteeing an event that resonates with sophistication and joy.

Our skilled team is equipped with the know-how to handle all manner of festivities, offering you the peace of mind that your special occasion is in the most capable of hands. From the smallest soiree to the grandest gala, rest assured, we make every moment count.

Key Takeaways

  • Expert end-to-end function hire services deliver breathtaking events in South Africa.
  • Personalised options for corporate and private event hire tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Exemplary customer service ensures effortless and memorable party hire experiences.
  • Versatile venue hire solutions cater to a diverse range of events, amplifying each one with distinction.
  • Equip your occasion with confidence, knowing that every detail is meticulously managed by your events Guys.

Transforming Events with Our Premium Equipment Hire

Premium Equipment Hire for Events

At the events Guys, we are dedicated to turning your gatherings into iconic celebrations with our comprehensive equipment hire services. Located throughout South Africa, our impeccable range of audio-visual selections is designed to set the mood and entertain guests, leaving a lasting impression.

Pristine Sound Systems for Unforgettable Celebrations

We understand the power of crystal-clear, high-quality sound to elevate the experience of any event. That’s why our sound hire options are curated to enrich celebrations with pure, undistorted audio. From ecstatic dance parties to elegant corporate gatherings, our sound systems, beginning at an affordable R400 per night, ensure that every beat and note is delivered with utmost clarity.

Electrifying Lighting Solutions to Illuminate Your Event

Lighting can transform an event from ordinary to extraordinary. Our array of lighting hire solutions includes captivating full-spectrum lights that can create the perfect ambiance. Starting from just R220 per night, we provide the brilliance needed to brighten up any space, enhancing the aesthetics and setting a vibrant mood for your function in South Africa.

Innovative Effects to Raise the Energy at Your Function

Our role is to infuse an unforgettable energy into your events. Aside from stage hire, we offer an array of energising effects that promise to illuminate your event with a spark of excitement. Available from R475 per night, these effects are designed to dazzle, captivating your audience and delivering that wow factor every celebration deserves.

  1. Distortion-free sound systems available from R400 per night for exceptional audio quality.
  2. A variety of lighting options from R220 per night to set the perfect mood.
  3. Energising effects from R475 per night to create a dynamic atmosphere.
Equipment TypeFeatureRental Price Per Night
Sound HireDistortion-Free, High-Quality SoundR400
Lighting HireFull-Spectrum LightsR220
Effects HireEnergizing Effects for Any Event SizeR475

‘We take your entertainment seriously, ensuring that your guests are left speechless by the endearing effects, exuberant sounds, and resplendent lighting at your event.’ This is the commitment we live by at the events Guys, as we harness the finest equipment hire services in South Africa.

Culinary Delights with Our Food and Drink Hire Services

Exceptional Food and Drink Hire Services

Indulging the tastes of your guests is a pivotal aspect of any memorable function, and we at the events Guys are enthusiastic about peppering your celebrations with splashes of flavour. Our food hire and drink hire services are sure to tantalise the taste buds, enhance the sensory experience and make your event a standout occasion in South Africa.

Gatherings of all kinds, from intimate birthdays to grand weddings, become gourmet affairs when you select from our delectable array of food and drink machines. Offering everything from the nostalgic fun of popcorn and candy floss to the sweet indulgence of soft serve and the refreshing zing of slushies, we’re poised to invite joy and satisfaction to your guests of all ages.

  • Slushy Machines – Perfect for hot summer days, or adding a twist to evening cocktails!
  • Popcorn Machines – Who can resist the aroma of fresh, buttery popcorn? Ideal for social gatherings or movie-themed events.
  • Candy Floss Machines – A timeless favourite that enchants children and grown-ups alike with its sweet cloud of joy.
  • Soft Serve Machines – Nothing embellishes a dessert table quite like the swirling delight of a soft serve ice cream.

Our services are comprehensive and competitively priced, guaranteeing a feature that will make your event talked-about for years to come. Starting from just R575 per night, we provide the extra sparkle to your function that only the best food and drink experiences can offer.

Machine TypeDescriptionStarting Price Per Night
Slushy MachineA hit of frosty sweetness to cool down and invigorate.R575
Popcorn MachineButtery, freshly-popped kernels for that ultimate sociable snack.R575
Candy Floss MachineFluffy, sweet floss for a fun twist at your event.R575
Soft Serve MachineClassic, creamy soft serve to delight ice cream lovers.R575

Imagine the joy that a simple treat could bring to your event. It’s not just about the physical taste but the memorable moments created around our food hire selections. Seek delight in every interaction, and watch as guests celebrate the little things with big smiles. That’s the magic we offer with our drink hire and food services, spicing up functions across South Africa.

“The success of an event many times depends on the quality and novelty of refreshments provided. With our exceptional and well-maintained machines, you can expect nothing less than an upscale food and drink experience that will keep your guests savouring every moment.”

Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere with Venue and Stretch Tent Hire

When envisioning the ideal event in South Africa, the essence of the celebration lies in its setting. At events Guys, we understand that the right venue hire can set the stage for the most memorable experiences. This is where our premium stretch tent hire service shines, offering versatile, weatherproof elegance to any occasion.

Our stretch tents are not just tents; they are canvases upon which your event’s story is told. Crafted from the highest quality materials, they provide a harmonious blend of durability and style, ensuring that your celebration endures, irrespective of the weather. With a starting hire rate of R4500 per night, we strive to make your event’s atmosphere nothing short of perfection.

  • Flexibility: Our stretch tents mould to the unique contours of your chosen locale, be it an urban rooftop or a beachside escape.
  • Elegance: The chic silhouette of our tents offers an instant upgrade to the visual appeal of your gathering.
  • Protection: Each stretch tent is a safe haven from the unpredictable South African elements, from glaring sun to an unexpected drizzle.
  • Customisation: We tailor our setup to match your thematic desires, whether it’s a bohemian chic flair or corporate crispness you’re seeking.
Tent SizeCapacityHire Rate (Per Night)
Small (Up to 50 guests)Intimate GatheringsR4500
Medium (Up to 100 guests)Medium-sized EventsContact us for quote
Large (100+ guests)Large-scale FunctionsContact us for quote

As we navigate the nuances of function planning, our stretch tents stand as a testament to our coupling of practicality with splendour. We delight in customising each venue hire to be as unique as the event it hosts, underpinned by the promise of welcoming shelter and ambience that persists despite the weather.

“In South Africa, we are blessed with a landscape as diverse as our people. Our stretch tent hire service is designed to complement this natural beauty, providing a protective yet aesthetically pleasing cover that blends seamlessly into the tapestry of your event.”

Get in touch with us at events Guys to curate an atmosphere that rises to the occasion, weatherproof and wondrous, under our stretch tents – the ultimate venue hire choice for an unforgettable event.

Advanced AV Solutions for a Visually Engaging Experience

Advanced AV Hire Solutions

At events Guys, we grasp the significance of creating a visually enticing atmosphere for your gatherings in South Africa. Our AV hire services are at the forefront, featuring the latest projectors and screens to captivate and dazzle your audience. Starting from an accessible R760 per night, you can transform any environment into an immersive visual arena, whether it’s a corporate conference or an intimate celebration.

Visuals have the power to transform narratives and engage spectators, which is precisely why our AV solutions are designed to be not just supporting elements, but centrepieces that command attention. Our projectors yield crisp, bright images while our screens ensure that no pixel is unseen, regardless of the size of space or audience.

AV EquipmentDescriptionRental Rate
HD Projector HireHigh-definition projectors for sharp, vivid imagesR760 per night
Screen HireVersatile screens to suit any venue sizeDependent on size
LED Wall HireStunning, bright displays perfect for larger venuesContact us for a quote

Our commitment to your event’s success in South Africa is reflected in the meticulous care we extend towards every aspect of AV hire. From ensuring seamless setup by our technicians to providing on-the-spot support, we ensure that the visual components of your event function flawlessly from start to finish.

“Harness the power of visual storytelling to create something unforgettable. With our comprehensive AV hire options, let us help you paint your story in the brightest of colours and the sharpest of details.”

At events Guys, understand we’re not just providing equipment; we’re facilitating an incredible journey for your guests. Inspirational, informative, or purely for entertainment – no matter the purpose, our projectors and screens are poised to deliver.

  • Seamless integration with your existing setup
  • Customisable options for any event size
  • Professional support ensuring uninterrupted display
  • Competitive pricing for the highest quality AV hire in the market

Join us at events Guys, where we take pride in offering advanced AV solutions that contribute towards crafting visually stunning and engaging experiences in South Africa.

The Life of the Party – Our 360° Photo Booth and DJ Services

Envisage a celebration where each smile and every dance move is captured from every angle, creating lasting memories that tell the story of your special occasion. At the events Guys, this vision becomes reality with our premier 360° photo booth hire in South Africa. Paired with our expert DJ services, we ensure your event becomes the talk of the town and a cherished memory for all attendees.

Nothing quite matches the excitement that comes with a 360° photo booth. It’s not merely a photo booth; it’s an experience unto itself – one that entices guests to step up and strike a pose, surrounded by friends, laughter, and music. And speaking of music, what’s a celebration without the infectious beats and rhythm? Our DJ services are poised to tune into the mood, setting the perfect soundtrack to a night filled with jubilation.

ServiceDescriptionHire Rate
360° Photo BoothCapture every angle of your event’s excitement and intrigue with a revolving camera experience.From R2250 per night
DJ ServicesProfessional DJs who curate and deliver personalized soundtracks for any type of event.Contact us for a personalised quote

Our 360° photo booth commences at a competitive rate of R2250 per night, promising a novel twist to traditional photos taken at events. Anticipate much enthusiasm as guests queue to immortalise their celebratory spirit with this remarkable photo-taking experience.

  • Instantly shareable content that guests can upload to social media
  • A fun and interactive way to engage attendees
  • A keepsake that captures the essence of your celebration

Pair this with our DJ services, where our DJs aren’t just music players, they’re crowd readers, vibe setters and party starters. Our DJs come equipped with a complete arsenal: from vibrant playlists to high-quality sound systems, ready to deliver audio ecstasy that ensnares the senses.

“When it comes to hosting a memorable event, the amalgamation of visual delights and auditory pleasure can turn even the simplest gatherings into a grandeur affair. With our 360° photo booth and specialist DJ services crafted for the South African festive spirit, we ensure that your celebration is elevated to an extraordinary spectacle.”

Connect with us at the events Guys, and we’ll elucidate just how our 360° photo booth and DJ services can vivify your next event – making it a notable celebration in South Africa’s vibrant party scenes.

Ensuring a Hitch-Free Event with Silent Backup Power Options

At the events Guys, we comprehend the importance of uninterrupted celebrations, and in light of frequent load shedding in South Africa, we leave nothing to chance. Our silent backup power hire services are the critical safeguard to ensure that your event experiences no unscheduled blackouts, allowing you to revel in the festivities without a hitch.

We offer silent power solutions that not only provide a seamless transition during power outages but do so without the disruptive noise pollution often associated with generators. With our backup power hire options, starting from a reasonable R800 per night, you can rest assured that your event in South Africa will run smoothly, regardless of the power situation.

Backup Power OptionPower CapacityFeaturesHire Rate
Silent Generator3kW – 10kWLow noise, Fuel-EfficientFrom R800
Battery Power Pack1kW – 5kWZero emissions, PortableContact for quote
UPS SystemsUp to 20kWInstantaneous power, ScalableContact for quote

Our commitment to providing backup power hire extends beyond mere equipment rental. We ensure that every aspect, from delivery and setup to operation and packing up is handled by our savvy technicians.

  • Prior assessment of power needs for seamless integration
  • Professional installation ensuring safety and reliability
  • Quiet operation for a disruption-free experience
  • Competent technical support throughout your event’s duration

“Guaranteeing the continuity of your celebration, our silent power solutions stand as the vigilant guardians against the unpredictable. They are our guarantee to you that the show will go on, in quiet elegance, regardless of external disruptions.”

Let the lights glow, the music play, and the merriment continue without pause. Connect with us at events Guys, and we’ll harness the power of assured continuity with our refined silent backup power options, maintaining the vibrancy and spirit of your South African event under any circumstances.

Why Choose Us for Corporate Functions and Celebrations

Hosting corporate functions and celebrations across diverse South African landscapes demands a service provider who understands the intricacies of such occasions. That’s where we, at PartyBros, stand out. Our expertise is not confined to just equipment hire; we provide comprehensive, tailored services designed to encompass the breadth of your event needs, ensuring a seamless blend of fun and formality.

Tailored Approaches for Every Business Objective

Recognising the specific desires of each function, we conduct thorough Needs Analysis to grasp the nuances of your event. Corporate functions in South Africa, from intimate workshops to grand year-end galas, are meticulously sculpted with our tailored service to align perfectly with your business objectives. We go beyond the simple provision of services to ensure our solutions are purpose-fit, just like a well-executed business strategy.

Business NeedOur Tailored Service
Brand LaunchThematic Decor and Branding Solutions
Annual ConferenceComprehensive AV and Seating Arrangements
Networking EventStrategic Layout for Maximum Engagement
Team BuildingInteractive Equipment and Facilitation

From the agile startup to the established conglomerate, we accommodate the spectrum of corporate entities, eagerly transforming your event vision into a palpable success.

Catering Beyond Equipment – Our End-to-End Service Commitment

“We believe in a holistic approach to corporate events. From the planning stages to the post-event debrief, our team is committed to providing an end-to-end service that spells excellence.”

Moreover, our end-to-end service extends to corporate catering, a significant facet of any corporate function in South Africa. Cuisine at a corporate event is more than mere nourishment; it’s a conversation starter, a mood enhancer, and a subtle nod to the refinement of the occasion. We carefully select menus that resonate with your brand ethos and please your guest’s palates.

  • Elegant Canapes for Cocktail Hours
  • Lavish Buffet Spreads for Galas
  • Bespoke Menus for Sit-down Dinners
  • Refreshment Corners for Day-long Seminars

Choosing us means investing in an event experience that is as serious and committed as you are about your business. Partner with us and allow the precision of PartyBros to exemplify the harmony between celebration and corporate class in the heart of South Africa.

Personalised Party Experiences for Birthdays and Special Occasions

Every milestone in life deserves a celebration that reflects its significance, and at PartyBros, we’re in the business of bringing such events to life. We take delight in crafting personalised party experiences that capture the essence of who you are and what your special occasion means to you. Our philosophy is simple but profound: to create events that resonate long after the last guest has departed, leaving behind memories that are treasured for a lifetime.

For those planning to mark another year of life’s journey, our birthday hire services offer a spectrum of ideas tailored to your personal style. From a child’s enchanted garden party to a sophisticated soirée in honour of a significant adult milestone, we ensure that each celebration stands out as a distinct chapter in your story.

Similarly, our special occasion hire recognises the myriad of life’s moments worth commemorating. Whether it’s an anniversary that reaffirms enduring commitment or a graduation that marks an academic triumph, our meticulous planners in South Africa are skilled orchestrators of joy and festivity.

“Nothing delights us more than seeing the joy our personalised services bring to our clients. We’re not just organising events; we’re crafting individual narratives that echo the heartbeat of the celebration.”
– The Team at PartyBros

Here is a snapshot of our service categories, showcasing the breadth and depth of our commitment to making your event memorable:

Service CategoryDescriptionStarting Price Per Night
Birthday HireEverything from themed decor to entertainment, centred around the birthday individual.Contact us for a quote
Special Occasion HireBespoke solutions for personal or communal celebrations, tailored to your event’s unique flavour.Contact us for a quote
Personalised Party PlanningComprehensive events planning with a personal touch, from conceptualisation to execution.Contact us for a quote

In the landscape of South Africa, diverse in its culture and rich in its tradition, your celebration deserves to be a reflection of your uniqueness. That’s why we offer not just hire services, but a holistic approach to event crafting:

  • A detailed consultation to understand your vision and expectations.
  • Custom-tailored theme development that speaks to your personal or cultural narratives.
  • Carefully curated vendor selection ensuring high-quality deliverables.
  • Seamless coordination on the day, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the occasion.

Our aim is to infuse each birthday, each landmark event, with the magic it deserves, creating personalised party experiences that are not just witnessed, but lived and felt by all who attend.

  1. We honour tradition while infusing innovation in our birthday hire services.
  2. We celebrate the individuality of each client through bespoke special occasion hire.
  3. We pledge harmonious and memorable moments against the vibrant backdrop of South Africa’s natural beauty.

Through our myriad services, we at PartyBros stand proud as artisans of joy, curators of celebration, and memory-makers for everyone who steps into the orbit of a party planned by us. Let us join you in honouring your life’s special moments with the splendour and pomp they rightfully deserve.

PartyBros – your first choice for personalised party experiences, birthday hire, and special occasion hire in the heart of South Africa.


In the vibrant heart of South Africa, every event is a canvas awaiting the strokes of excellence. We, at PartyBros, have dedicated ourselves to providing exceptional function hire services that ensure your gathering is celebrated with flair and finesse. Our end-to-end solutions, tailored to match the individual heartbeat of your event, promise an unparalleled experience that lingers as a fond memory in the minds of every guest.

Our meticulous attention to detail, from audio-visual splendour to gastronomic delights, elevates the mundane into the extraordinary. We take pride in offering not simply a service, but a partnership in which your event’s aspirations become our mission. As the event maestros of South Africa, our aim is to orchestrate an occasion that resonates with joy, enchantment, and pure satisfaction.

So, whether you are toasting to corporate achievements or commemorating personal milestones, entrust your celebrations to us. At PartyBros, we commit to making your every function a vivid tapestry woven with vibrant threads of joy and the exceptional. After all, it’s not just an event; it’s an experience — and we are privileged to share it with you.


What types of functions can we use your hire services for?

You can use our hire services for a wide range of events, including corporate functions, birthday parties, weddings, and any other special occasions. We cater to any gathering that calls for top-notch equipment and a memorable experience in South Africa.

What does your sound hire include and how does it enhance an event?

Our sound hire includes distortion-free sound systems that start from R400 per night. These high-quality sound systems ensure that your celebrations are filled with clear, audible entertainment, making the experience unforgettable for each guest.

Can you provide lighting solutions for night-time events?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of lighting options starting from R220 per night. Our full-spectrum lights and other lighting solutions can create the perfect electrifying ambiance, lighting up your event and setting the mood exactly how you envision it.

Do you provide equipment hire for staging and special effects?

We do! Our equipment hire range includes innovative stage hire and energizing effects that can amplify the energy of your function. These options start from R475 per night, tailored to fit the scale and mood of your event.

What food and drink machines are available for hire?

We have a diverse range of food and drink machines available for hire including slushy, popcorn, candy floss, and soft serve machines, priced from R575 per night. These add a delightful culinary aspect that guests love at any event.

Can you tell me more about your stretch tent hire services?

Our stretch tents are made of the highest quality materials, are completely weatherproof, and suitable for any occasion. Our hire rates for these tents start from R4500 per night, creating the perfect backdrop and atmosphere for your event, no matter the weather.

What AV solutions do you provide for events?

Our AV hire services include projectors and screens starting from R760 per night, which enable you to engage your audience visually. Whether it’s for a presentation or a montage of memories, our advanced AV solutions will meet your needs.

How do your 360° Photo Booth and DJ services enhance parties?

Our 360° Photo Booth service, which starts from R2250 per night, along with our professional DJ services, makes sure your event is the highlight of the party scene. These offerings not only bring energy to the floor but also create lasting memories for you and your guests.

What backup power solutions do you offer for events?

To ensure your event runs smoothly during unexpected power outages, we offer silent backup power options starting from R800 per night. This enables us to keep the lights on and the music playing, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted fun.

Why should we choose PartyBros for our corporate events?

You should choose us because we specialize in tailoring our services to meet every business objective. From conducting a comprehensive Needs Analysis to providing an end-to-end service commitment, we cater to all aspects of your corporate function ensuring a successful event.

How do you personalise party experiences for special occasions?

We love creating parties that reflect your personality and celebration needs. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a special occasion, our personalised approach, combined with our specialist services and advice, ensures that your party is unique and memorable.

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