Event Flooring & Ground Covers

Whether you want to conceal a patch of GARDEN where the GRASS refuses to grow, protect the lawn from being tampered with by your dancing guests, or make your event look extraordinary, our FLOORING is the right choice. FINISH THE LOOK WITH OUR UNIQUE FLOORING

Our event flooring is becoming more popular. It not only looks great in your tent but also protects your grass. The event flooring is 5cm in height and has a lattice underneath. This means the flooring can settle into the grass, providing a firm feeling underfoot and not crushing it. The flooring has small holes that allow grass to breathe and act as a drainage system.

Modular flooring for events comprises many small pieces that can be clipped together. This modularity is great because it allows us to create any shape and work around obstacles.

This event flooring is ideal for lawns prone to becoming soggy or retaining water from rain. Event flooring can keep guests from walking in muddy shoes on your property by keeping it dry. Our event flooring makes your event beautiful, hides any bald spots on your lawn, and allows your guests to walk in high heels regardless of the terrain.

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The turf-protection layer on our event flooring ensures that your grass stays green throughout the event.


Lay-of-the-land flooring can be used on uneven surfaces.


This is a great idea for guests wearing high heels and requiring a firm floor.


Soft ground is ideal for keeping chair legs from sinking into the ground.


You can install our flooring in any shape.


It is ideal for general floorings, such as walkways, dance floors, or any other purpose.

Turf Protection / Access Floors:

Contoured Portable Flooring is flexible, cost-effective and user-friendly. It can be used for events, marquee tents or stadiums, exhibitions, dance floors, buildings, and other venues. This flooring can be used as a turf (grass) protector in existing or new buildings.

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Terrain Protection & Ground Reinforcement

It can be easily installed for different ground conditions in various industries. Ground protection from 40 to 150 tons/m2 up to ground reinforcement.

Each modular polypropylene tile has a water-resistant, easy-to-clean base made of polypropylene.

Portable Floors (PF), available in 20 different colors and with a load factor of 4 tons per block, are now available.

These PF modules can be used indoors or outdoors because they are made from high-impact polypropylene. The floor is 3.6cm tall, which prevents it from floating. Turf Protection (TP), unlike other portable flooring options that offer only 5 days, offers 100 days of turf protection. PF is non-absorbent so water can flow beneath. The system also allows for a 200kva generator cable to run underneath it. PF offers complete cable management and recessed plug inserts. The modular PF’s top does not require sanding or refinishing. You can clean the PF with water and sunlight liquid.

Portable Floors are the smart solution for wire and cable management. The modular raised flooring system can be adapted to any space and follows the contours of the surface.

Cables, water outlets, and gas lines are all included. Cables, water outlets, gas lines, etc., are run from the source to the outlet boxes recessed in the floor. The floor is recessed with outlet boxes and plug points.

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The portable floor is the best system in the world. It’s user-friendly, flexible, and economical. Portable Floors are the smart solution for wire and cable management. The modular raised flooring system can be adapted to any space and follows the contours of the surface.

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Ground Reinforcement

It is easy to install for grass reinforcement and ground protection. Parking, access tracks and airfields. Farms, campsites, golf courses.

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Over Pool Flooring

This is a safe and unique way to cover the swimming pool’s surface

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Flooring for horse stabling

Equestrian flooring for paddocks and stables.

Remote Access/Terrain Protection – PRO Highway Mats

Portable Floors offer remote access and protection products and services for various industries and applications. Although our main focus is Africa, the technology we offer can be applied to other areas. Because of our industry-leading technology and logistics expertise, Portable Floors is your best choice for remote access and terrain protection products and services.

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Remote Access/terrain protection – Pro Plank / Pro GRI

Our portable aircraft systems Pro Plank & Pro GRI are designed to provide a safe, secure and functional surface for aircraft. Our ground reinforcement tiles Pro GRI are the perfect solution for small commercial airports looking to find parking spaces with minimal disruption. The Pro Plank is a great option for military and relief organizations, allowing them to set up an airfield for either tactical or resupply operations.

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Hire the Best Ballroom Dance Floors

Hire one of our dance floors, and you’ll be dancing in no time. We offer both rental and sale of our portable, raised dance floors. Additionally, we provide various services related to events such as marquee hires.

Events Guys is a flexible company specializing in flooring, tents and portable re-usable structures. This makes it ideal for weddings, expos and other events. We are the best company to help you with all your event needs. We are both affordable and flexible.

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Types of Flooring

We offer all types of portable floors. We have everything you need: dance floors, flooring for stages, flooring over aircraft runways, stockpiling foundations to mine, heavy-duty trackway roads, expos, and heavy-duty driveable trackway road roads. Our flooring is easy to brand because it looks great and is well-maintained.

Our flooring options are available for hire, leasing, and buying, depending on your needs. Whether you’re leasing or buying a floor, we offer full service. We will take care of every detail so that your floor is the right size and has the proper load-bearing capacity for pedestrians, trucks, or crane access. We can also help you set up your floor.

You will be amazed by the stunning addition of our dance floors to hire in Johannesburg or elsewhere in Gauteng. We offer flexible services that allow you to plan your flooring according to the space available and your budget. We also offer dance floors with high gloss finishes in over 30 different colours. These are suitable for indoor or outdoor use on any surface.

Hire a Dance Floor Johannesburg

We don’t just operate in the bustling city of Johannesburg. We help clients in Pretoria, Gauteng and elsewhere to access the best dance floors. We offer the best quality dance floors at an affordable price. The dance floor rental in Johannesburg is flexible and can be fitted to any shape, making it extremely versatile. We make it easy and quick to set up portable floors.

We offer more than just dance floor rentals. We offer all-around event services, including marquee and tent rental. You only need to deal with one company for all your event hire needs. You will also have less work to spend more time on other things.

We have the right dance floor for you, whether you’re looking for white wedding flooring or ballroom flooring. We have stunning high-gloss ballroom floors available to hire or purchase in Gauteng. Our dance floor rental service in Johannesburg and Pretoria is one of the most sought-after.

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