Event Stage Designs

Custom stage design for your next event!

Event stage designs are the cornerstone of any remarkable event, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences. Welcome to the world of cutting-edge event stage designs and rental options, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re planning a corporate conference, a wedding reception, or a music festival, the stage design serves as the canvas upon which your event’s unique story unfolds. In this dynamic landscape, we invite you to explore the latest trends in event stage designs and discover a wide array of party equipment and event equipment hire options that can make your vision come to life. Join us as we embark on a journey into the exciting world of event design and equipment rental, where innovation and inspiration converge to create extraordinary moments.

Discover the latest trends in event stage designs and rental options. Learn more about party equipment and event equipment hire today.

Design, Rendering, CAD, and Fabrication

Events Guys Creative Department and Scenic Build Team are experts in creating custom stage designs. Our inventory has many solutions and incorporates the most recent scenic design trends into every stage. We can create your next spectacular stage design using intelligent lighting or curved LED Video Panels.

Creative event stage designs can help you enhance your event theme and increase audience engagement.

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The stage should be as important a feature of the stage as what’s happening on it.

Event staging can be a crucial component of an event’s experience if done well. It can help you enhance your event’s theme and add another dimension to audience engagement.

How to transform an event

Minor details of event staging make the difference between an ordinary corporate event and an extraordinary one.

An excellent staging design and setup are essential to make your event memorable. It is also vital for people to feel inspired.

What is it that makes a stage come alive?

We have years of experience and the perfect formula to create a unique event stage design.

EventSpace – Using creativity to maximize event space by creating stages over features, pools and curved stages.

Event Lighting: Set the stage’s mood and create energy with the proper ambient lighting. We are experts in the lighting industry, from complex to simple.

Stage Backgrounds / Stage Sets/ Banners The stage is a blank canvas. You need the right AV elements to make it extraordinary.

Stage Visuals These components include LED walls and staircases, projection screens, 3D mapping, and custom-built stage sets and stages.

Portable & Modular Stage Systems

We specialize in mobile stage platforms, portable stage systems and modular stages. All stage platforms have been safety tested and meet the performance equipment standards. We also issue COC certificates where applicable.

These stage decks are made from high-quality aluminium frames and sturdy, anti-slip plywood tops. They can be used for many different tasks.

Professional portable stage systems or tiered seating packages are the best options for any event.

Our stage decks can hold 1 Ton per square meter. They can also be used to display cars by using our custom ramps.

Our stages are waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors, thanks to our unique aluminium decks.

Event Staging Accessories

There are many accessories available. They include all the necessary fixtures, fittings, and extras to make any staging system.

These include safety handrails, chair leg backstops, and disability ramps. Our safety handrails, stage step units, and levelling feet are popular additions.

Our experts will help you navigate the ordering process to get the portable stage system you need.


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Events Guys has a wide variety of creative elements for stage design. We can design and build various stage sets to meet the needs of our clients. You can add designer LED stairs to any stage. They come in a variety of heights and designs. Our stages can be placed over existing pools to increase the event’s size. Events Guys has built stages from off-buildings to over stadium seats to beer garden decks.


Events Guys’ lighting packages offer various intel lighting options that can be programmed to create custom lighting effects for gala dinners, shows, and parties.

These 1m x 2m panels can be assembled to create a stage design measuring between 1m and 20m. Please choose from our stock range of props or features for 3D stage props.

A higher walkway can be created for performing acts, fashion shows and vehicle shows.

You can have custom-made stage sets built for LED screens, discussion panels or themes provided by the client.

SAFETY SS Construction: All European stage sets are constructed from the best materials. They are also safety tested according to European standards. SS Our stages can withstand weather and are made of aluminium and marine plywood, with non-slip tops. They can also be constructed over water. SS Add our LED strips, wheelchair ramps, stage rails and stair rails to give your space an edge.

How Creative Stage Design can Elevate Your Event Experience

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Set the stage

Nearly every corporate event has a stage as the centre point. The stage is the focal point of almost every corporate event. It hosts entertainment, keynotes, and award presentations. It is not just a design element, and it is an essential part of the event experience. But how can you make sure your event is successful?

Send Your Message with Impact

The delivery of your content is important, from branding to education. Creative stage design is essential for ensuring that your audience can see and hear all of your content with clarity and impact. Your content must be presented in a way that is both engaging and easy to read. Your message will be delivered clearly with dynamic video content.

Get the Excitement

As they enter the room, make their eyes sparkle. Your first impression is what sets the tone for your event. Ensure your stage design is thoughtful, strategic, and fits your event’s tone. First, think about your goal. Are you looking to excite, inspire, educate or celebrate? A busy stage that is too elaborate or over-the-top doesn’t work for creative stage design. You don’t have to create excitement at your conference using a laser show. However, it may mean changing the lighting design and displaying your content differently. This could include spotlighting specific areas or live entertainment during evening galas.

Empower your Speakers

Confidence, confidence, confidence. There are many styles of stage design, and each one will be different depending on its purpose. If your conference is focused on keynotes, you must ensure that the design maximizes stage presence and creates a welcoming environment for your speakers. Your speakers will be more confident delivering their presentations if they are comfortable on stage. This will make your conference more memorable and encourage attendees to return next year.

Let Them All Talk

Do not follow the trends. Set them. Your audience will be amazed by your innovative stage design and feel more inspired to learn, participate, and enjoy the information presented. Partnering with an audiovisual production and staging company with the creativity and expertise to complement your vision and plan is brilliant. Our experts at bb Blanc are happy to talk with you whether you need advice or want to find the right partner for your next event or meeting.


Q: What are the benefits of renting event stage designs?

A: Renting event stage designs offers a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need for storage space and the maintenance cost associated with owning equipment. It also allows you to access a wide range of equipment for your event without the upfront investment.

Q: How can I start a party rental business?

A: To start a party rental business, you need to begin with the basics by procuring essential equipment such as tables, chairs, linens, and party supplies. Conduct market research to understand the demand in your area and create a business plan for your party rental business.

Q: What type of equipment can I rent for outdoor events?

A: You can rent a variety of equipment for outdoor events including tents, tables, chairs, outdoor lighting, sound equipment, and other party rental equipment suitable for outdoor settings

Q: Why should I consider renting equipment for my event?

A: Renting equipment for your event ensures that you have access to modern and well-maintained equipment, eliminating the risk of using outdated equipment that may not meet your needs. It also allows for flexibility as you can rent specific items according to the requirements of each event.

Q: Where can I find a reliable equipment hire service for my event?

A: You can find reliable equipment hire services through rental companies that specialize in event equipment. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and read reviews to ensure you partner with a reputable and professional rental company.

Q: What are the essential party equipment items for rent?

A: Essential party equipment items for rent include tables, chairs, tablecloths, sound equipment, lighting, and other party supplies necessary for organizing successful events.

Q: Is renting party equipment more cost-effective than buying?

A: Renting party equipment is often more cost-effective than buying, especially for occasional events. It eliminates the need for storage space and the cost of maintenance and upkeep, providing a more flexible and budget-friendly solution.

Q: How can I procure equipment for my party rental business?

A: To procure equipment for your party rental business, you can approach rental companies, or explore options to rent or lease the necessary equipment rather than purchasing outright. It’s important to assess the quality and maintenance of equipment before making any agreements.

Q: What should I consider before renting construction equipment for events?

A: Before renting construction equipment for events, consider the specific requirements of your event, the type of equipment needed, the rental cost, the duration of use, and the availability of support and maintenance services from the rental company.

Q: Why is it important to start with the basics in the party rental business?

A: Starting with the basics in the party rental business ensures that you have essential equipment such as tables, chairs, and linens to meet the initial demand. It allows you to gradually expand your inventory based on the market demand and the types of events you aim to cater to.