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As we journey together towards celebrating life’s milestones and joyous occasions, our ethos at Party Characters stands strong – to deliver an enchanting experience with our comprehensive array of party supplies. Nestled in the heart of South Africa, we are the trusted pillars of event rentals offering a treasure trove of party equipment rental options that enliven every celebration. Whether you’re orchestrating an intimate affair or a spectacular children’s party, we’ve arrayed an assortment of party hire near me to transform your imaginative vision into a tangible paradise.

Our commitment to community welfare resonates with every festivity, as we ardently devote a part of our proceeds each month to ‘Gift of the Givers’, enriching the lives of the less fortunate in the Western Cape. And when it comes to corporate escalades, lean on us, the reliable events Guys, to craft large-scale kids’ corporate events crowned with punctuality, professionalism and unparalleled excitement.

Key Takeaways

  • Vast selection of event rentals tailored to your budget
  • Monthly contributions to local charity initiatives
  • Specialists in kids’ corporate events with exceptional service
  • One-stop shop for party supplies and party equipment rental
  • Dedicated to creating memorable occasions across South Africa

Your Ultimate Guide to Local Party Hire Services

Embarking on the journey to create the perfect event can feel overwhelming, yet the prospect of turning a personal vision into a lived reality is an endeavour we intimately understand and passionately pursue. In South Africa, we, the events Guys, are ever ready to curate your celebrations with the finest local party hire offerings. Our commitment is not only to furnish your event with tangible elegances such as party decorations hire and party furniture hire but to also imbue it with the essence of your dream celebration.

Understanding that each event is as unique as the individuals it celebrates, our scope of products and services encompasses everything required to fashion an atmosphere that is both inviting and expressive. Whether you’re in the throes of planning a family’s small gathering or stepping into the grandeur of a larger festivity, our collection stands by to accommodate and accentuate.

Here’s what you can anticipate when you choose to collaborate with our team for your party hire needs:

  • An extensive range of quality party décor available to hire, designed to match any theme or aesthetic preference
  • Stylish furniture options that promise comfort and enhance the visual appeal of your event
  • Lighting solutions that set the desired mood, whether you are seeking a warm, intimate glow or a vibrant, energetic ambiance
  • A selection of catering accessories to ensure that your guests are well accommodated for

Our experienced team members are not merely providers; they are creators, advisors, and supporters who facilitate the seamless actualisation of your party plans. When you engage with our services, you gain access to specialists who are eager to elevate your occasion from the conceptual phase to a fully-realised and memorable event.

“We take the essence of your vision and craft it with precision and care, because in your moments of celebration, we find our purpose.”

Crafted below is a table that gives a glimpse into the range of services we proudly offer:

Service Category Items for Hire Additional Services
Party Decorations Balloons, Table Centrepieces, Themed Décor Custom Decoration Planning
Furniture Chairs, Tables, Lounge Seating Layout Design Consultation
Lighting Fairy Lights, LED Spotlights, Lanterns Installation Services
Catering Accessories Serving Dishes, Glassware, Bar Counters Catering Equipment Setup

For every step on this eventful path, we remain beside you: flexible to your needs, devout in our service, and unwavering in our quest to endow your celebration with nothing short of splendour. With a shared passion for crafting splendid experiences, let us make your next event not only achievable but truly unforgettable.

Deciphering the Array of Party Supplies Available

Party Supplies Assortment

Organising a celebration can be as much about creating magical moments as it is about meticulous planning and execution. At our core, we aim to make the latter effortless so that you – our valued customers – can revel in the former. As the events Guys of South Africa, we’re delighted to unfold the extended variety of party supplies and party equipment rental options we offer.

The Essentials: Tables, Chairs, and Decorations

From the foundations of any good party layout – involving tables and chairs – to the aesthetic highlights of themed decorations, our collection ensures every aspect of your celebration is catered for. Let’s begin the tour of our essentials:

  • A range of tables and chairs to accommodate guests in comfort and style
  • Chair covers and tablecloths to align with your party’s colour palette
  • Variety of party decorations hire services for a festivity that oozes personality

Fun Additions: Bouncy Castles and Photoboards

Injecting lively fun into the mix, we present our cherished fun additions. Imagine the squeals of delight as children bounce around on themed Bouncy castles or strike a pose with our eclectic range of photoboard rental options.

  • The ever-popular ‘Frozen jumping castle’ to give your event a frosty edge
  • Photoboards in various themes to capture memorable snapshots

Special Touches: Themed Party Accessories

Those unique finishing touches that make a party memorable often lie in the details. That’s where our specially curated themed party accessories step in. Catering for the special first birthday, or any other thematic celebration, we provide packages that resonate with both the heart and the imagination.

  • The ‘First Birthday party package’ that encapsulates the joy of a child’s first milestone
  • Coordinated party supplies including tableware, decorations and playful additions

“We craft each occasion with the delight and excitement it deserves, ensuring our party equipment rental services contribute to your child’s cherished memories.”

Here’s a quick overview of our popular party hires designed for a joyful birthday celebration:

Party Hire Description Perfect For
Bouncy Castles An assortment of themed bouncy castles for energetic fun Children’s Birthday Parties
Photoboards Customizable boards for commemorating the occasion with fun photos Themed Events and Parties
Themed Party Packages Coordinated decor and essentials for themed celebrations First Birthdays and Milestone Celebrations

Whether it’s a birthday party hire you’re seeking or a full suite of party equipment rental, our diverse catalogue promises not only the essentials but also the wow factors that make any party a hit. With us, every detail is considered, each theme thoughtfully elected, and every little heart’s desire met with a world of possibilities.

Outdoor Party Hire: Creating Memorable Open-air Events

At The Picnic Pantry, we specialise in elevating your outdoor celebrations to new heights. Our expertise in outdoor party hire exemplifies our passion for crafting extraordinary open-air events tailored to your individual needs. From the sun-kissed shores to the tranquil countryside retreats, we furnish your festivities with everything from sophisticated party tent rentals to ambient picnic setups.

Understanding the nuances of alfresco gatherings, we present a suite of local party hire services designed to harmonise with the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you’re saying ‘I do’, celebrating a milestone, or hosting a corporate event, allow us to transport you and your guests to a picturesque paradise adorned with our tasteful decors, comfortable baskets, plush blankets, and luxurious pillows.

Every event under the sky we manage is more than just a gathering—it’s an immersive experience that stays in the hearts of your guests long after the stars have faded.

“Beneath the boundless sky, we create the perfect backdrop for your cherished celebrations.”

  • Weddings with whimsy
  • Corporate events with a twist
  • Anniversaries and birthday bashes set in nature’s lap

Let’s cast a glimpse at the convenience and charm our outdoor party hire services can offer:

Service Features Suitable For
Tent Rentals Sturdy structures, elegant designs, weather-proof materials Any outdoor event needing shelter
Picnic Setups Themed decor, deluxe baskets, cosy blankets and pillows Intimate gatherings, casual corporate events
Accessories Hire Bespoke additions for a touch of personalisation Special celebrations, enhancing atmosphere

In our world, details matter. We take pride in our ability to harmonise every element of your event’s outdoor setting to create a seamless experience. From the plushness of a pillow to the canopy that shields you from the elements, our outdoor party hire services ensure exquisiteness at every touchpoint.

Entrust us, the events Guys of South Africa, with the responsibility of bringing your open-air event to life, and watch as we curate an idyllic setting that exemplifies the essence of outdoor elegance. With us, your next outdoor event is not just a date on the calendar—it’s a portal to a memorable paradise.

Transform Your Venue with Party Decorations Hire

As the events Guys, we understand that the essence of any successful celebration lies in its presentation—the sights and the semblance that enrapture guests from the moment they step in. We are here to tell you that perfecting your venue’s look with the right party decorations hire is not only achievable, it’s a delightful procession towards the extraordinary soirée you envisage.

Finding Your Style: Themes and Colour Schemes

We take pride in our extensive catalogue of décor, replete with all colours, textures, and sizes, that can help you find the impeccable fit for your event’s style. Are you envisaging a lavish red and gold wedding, a serene blue baby shower or maybe a vibrant, multi-coloured children’s party? With our guidance, those overwhelmed by choice will find solace in the expertise of our adept team, ensuring your vision is not just met but exceeded with aplomb.

Within the realms of event rentals, we cater to every imaginable theme and colour scheme, assuring a look that’s tailor-made to your tastes. To illustrate, here’s how we translate your thematic aspirations into a living, breathing decor:

Theme Colour Palette Decor Elements
Elegant White Wedding Whites and Pastel Accents Flowing Drapes, Floral Centrepieces
Vintage Tea Party Soft Pinks and Greens Delicate China, Lace Tablecloths
Superhero Birthday Bash Bold Primaries Hero Cutouts, Themed Tableware

The spaces we adorn become stages where life’s dramas unfold, and we ensure that each stage is set to perfection. Our design virtuosos fuel imaginations, flourishing events with aesthetics that intertwine seamlessly with purpose. For us, this is where creativity meets purpose, where your dream event transforms into a breathtaking reality.

“Design is so much more than just putting things in place; it’s about creating a feeling, an emotion—a memory that will last a lifetime.”

  • Please your palate with our aesthetic party decorations hire services.
  • Ignite your event with a colour scheme that speaks your heart’s language.
  • Trust us to weave the thematic thread throughout your venue with our event rentals.

Party Furniture Hire: Comfort and Style for Your Guests

Here at Party Characters, we understand the significance of creating inviting spaces where memories are made, laughter is shared, and comfort meets style. That is why we dedicate ourselves to offering party furniture hire solutions that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that your event is as beautiful as it is enjoyable.

With an eye for style and a hand for crafting cosy environments, our range of event rentals includes a variety of furniture that surpasses the standard expectations of local party hire services. From chic sofas to elegant dining sets, every piece is curated to enhance the atmosphere of your celebration.

Whether you are planning a quaint backyard get-together, a lavish wedding reception, or a corporate gala, our collection of party furniture hire options will seamlessly align with your theme and elevate the overall experience of your guests.

“In the business of celebration, where every detail counts, we provide furniture that brings both comfort and class to the forefront of your event.

Below is a showcase of our most sought-after furniture pieces available for hire:

Furniture Type Style Best Suited for
Elegant Chairs Various styles including Tiffany and Chivari Weddings, award ceremonies
Lounge Seating Sofas and ottomans in various fabrics and colours Cocktail events, corporate lounges
Dining Tables Rounded and rectangular, with fine linens Galas, banquets, family gatherings
Café Style Settings Charming small table and chair sets Outdoor events, market days, festivals
Bar & High Tables Trendy and practical for standing gatherings Networking events, receptions, parties

Our aim is to ensure that your event is not only remembered for its moments but also for the ambience and ease it offered its guests. As the events Guys in South Africa, we’re here to support you in your quest to find the ideal party furniture hire, merging local convenience with global style trends.

When you partner with us for your local party hire, we assure you of meticulous attention to detail, prompt service, and a catalogue teeming with options to suit your very specific event needs.

Experience the harmony of comfort and elegance at your next event – because your guests deserve a venue that’s both welcoming and wondrous.

Party Tent Rentals for All Weathers

Party Tent Rental Options

As the events Guys, we’ve seen firsthand how the unpredictability of weather can play a crucial role in the planning of outdoor events. To combat this, we offer a versatile assortment of party tent rentals designed to ensure your celebration thrives, come rain or shine. Our commitment to facilitating incredible outdoor party hire experiences has led us to curate a selection of tents that take into account not just the weather, but also the scale and style of your event.

Choosing the Right Tent: Size Matters

Understanding that space can be the canvas of an unforgettable event, we emphasise the importance of selecting a party tent that aptly accommodates your guests while allowing your celebration to breathe. We help you navigate the intricate balance between spaciousness and intimacy, ensuring there’s ample room for revelry, irrespective of the number of attendees.

“A perfect party tent rental is more than a shelter; it’s a venue that reflects the soul of your celebration.”

Let us lend a hand in determining the ideal tent size for your garden party, wedding reception, or corporate retreat, by considering guest numbers, event type, and personal style. Herein lies the blueprint to your event’s success.

Tent Type Capacity Suitable Event
Canopy Tent 20-40 guests Small Gatherings, Market Stalls
Frame Tent 40-100 guests Weddings, Corporate Events
Pole Tent 100-250 guests Music Festivals, Large Celebrations
Clearspan Marquee 250+ guests Conventions, Grand Galas

In the selection of your event rentals, our expertise extends to advising on the tent type that best suits your aesthetic desires, from elegant marquees to robust and modern clearspan structures. Partnering with us ensures that not a single detail is overlooked, from the number of guests to the overall atmosphere you wish to create.

  • We provide weatherproof tenting options for peace of mind.
  • Our range includes a variety of sizes to fit every event’s needs.
  • We’re experts at matching your tent choice to your event’s theme.

In conclusion, when it comes to outdoor celebrations, it’s essential to be prepared for any weather. Our comprehensive selection of party tent rentals is designed to ensure that whatever the skies may hold, your event can proceed with elegance, comfort, and style. Trust us, the events Guys, to keep you and your guests covered for an experience to remember.

Birthday Party Hire: Celebrate in Style

When it comes to orchestrating an exhilarating birthday bash, we, the events Guys of South Africa, are seasoned maestros. Our expertise in birthday party hire shines through the tailored packages we offer, crafted to embody the essence of celebration with flair and panache. Understanding the joy these milestones represent, we take immense pleasure in providing a comprehensive selection of party supplies designed to enchant and entertain.

Our first birthday party package is a prime example of our commitment to serving up smiles and wonder. Imagine stepping into a realm where coordinated tableware and vibrant party decorations hire create a whimsical backdrop to your little one’s special day. To this lovely scene, we add a dash of excitement with options such as jumping castles and photoboards, guaranteeing giggles and memories worthy of the family album.

What’s Included in Our Party Packages:

  1. Expertly themed party decorations hire to capture the magic of milestones.
  2. High-quality tableware to serve up delicious treats and cake.
  3. Engaging additions like jumping castles for boundless energy and fun.
  4. Custom-designed photoboards that set the scene for countless snaps.

“With every candle on the cake, our birthday party hire adds a sparkle to the celebration – because every age deserves its tribute in style.”

Below, discover the cherished components of our birthday party hire assortments that promise an unforgettable fete:

Our Birthday Party Hire Packages
For the Tots: Soft play areas, miniature slides, and charming ball ponds.
For the Adventurers: Themed jumping castles, treasure hunt kits, and obstacle courses.
For the Artists: Craft stations, face painting kits, and DIY party favour setups.
For the Little Stars: Karaoke setups, dance floors, and pop star photoboards.

We delight in the twinkle of tiny eyes gazing upon a whimsically set table or the joyous laughter as they play within our set-ups, every bit of it powered by our desire to facilitate stress-free, heartwarming celebrations. Whether you’re leaning towards a theme of fantasy or fun, our palette of options is as endless as your imagination. With us, party supplies and joyful experiences are guaranteed at every jubilant juncture.

In a symphony of balloons, bunting, and unbeatable enthusiasm, we welcome you to uncover the possibilities with our birthday party hire services – where style, substance, and celebration come together in a vivacious vortex of party perfection.

Navigating Event Rentals for Corporate Functions

Corporate Event Rentals Setup

As the events Guys, we recognise that corporate functions are the cornerstone of a thriving business community in South Africa. Crafting an event that encapsulates the objectives and spirit of a company requires not just meticulous planning but also access to top-notch event rentals. Here at The Picnic Pantry, we’ve turned the art of providing comprehensive solutions for corporate functions into a science.

Whether it’s for an energising team building event, a glistening end-of-year party, or a heartfelt farewell party, our bespoke picnic setups and platter catering services are specially tailored to meet a spectrum of corporate needs. We understand that in the corporate world, the difference between an ordinary event and an extraordinary one lies in the details.

“We weave the fabric of your corporate events with precision, ensuring every thread aligns with your brand’s ethos and your guests’ expectations.”

Gone are the days when party equipment rental was just about tables and chairs. Today, it’s about creating an immersive brand experience. Here’s a breakdown of our corporate event offerings:

Corporate Event Type Our Rental Solutions Special Features
Team Building Events Interactive game sets, outdoor furniture Customised to promote teamwork and cooperation
End-of-Year Parties Elegant décor, lighting, and staging Themed setups to reflect annual achievements
Farewell Parties Intimate picnic settings, commemorative photoboards Menus and atmospheres that honour the guest of honour

Our versatility shines through not only in our array of rentals but also in the adaptability with which we cater to the unique demands of a corporate environment. Whether it’s a bespoke picnic setup that requires lush lawns or platter catering that services a boardroom meeting, our toolkit is both extensive and exquisite.

  • We transform commonplace venues into hubs of collaboration and celebration.
  • From furniture to flatware, every element of party equipment rental is curated to enhance your event.
  • Our platter catering menus are crafted not just to sate appetites but to spark conversation and connections.

Let us navigate the avenues of event rentals for you; with our touch, any space is transformed into an arena where corporate culture is celebrated, milestones are marked, and teams are united under the banner of shared success.

“Join hands with us, and we shall lay the groundwork for an event that resonates with your brand’s legacy and your aspirations for the future.”

Plan Your Event with Ease: Connect with Expert Planners

We, the events Guys, are delighted to be your guiding star in the constellation of event planning. Whether it’s within the bustling city or the serene outskirts, locating ‘party hire near me’ is more than a task; it’s about creating memories that last a lifetime. That’s why our ties with expert planners are more than mere connections—they are partnerships fostered on the principle of easing your planning process while staying true to your envisioned theme and budget.

Event planning services shouldn’t feel like a labyrinth, hence we advocate a seamless journey that sculpts your event from the ground up, perfected to every last detail. From floral arrangements to menu selections, our planners are the maestros behind the curtain, orchestrating every element with finesse and expertise. It’s not just about answering the call for ‘party hire near me’, but about answering it with solutions custom-fitted to you.

Our committal to making your festivity a resounding success is mirrored in the assiduous planning, coordination, and implementation of every aspect, ensuring a cost-effective yet sumptuous affair. The synthesis of your ideas and our experience leads to the creation of a jubilee that is both reflective of your aspirations and reverberant with joy and celebration. Here’s how our planners stand as pillars during your event planning journey:

  • Validation of every pint-sized detail to ensure a seamless and harmonious event flow.
  • Access to a cornucopia of vendors, affording you a plethora of choices, all within your economic parameters.
  • Harmonisation of your theme across all aspects, from the invites to the parting favours, ensuring thematic congruence.

“We’re not just expert planners; we’re your celebration architects, spinning the ordinary into the extraordinary, ensuring every moment is not just planned but poignantly experienced.”

Our deft event planners wield their expertise to carve out an affair that doesn’t just suffice but delights. Dive into the table below to see the array of services offered by our adept planners:

Planning Service Description Value to Your Event
Theme Development Expert consultation to choose and refine your event’s theme. Ensures visual and emotional resonance with guests.
Budget Management Strategic allocation of funds to maximise effect and minimise waste. Affords grandeur without financial strain.
Vendor Coordination Liaison with caterers, decorators, musicians, etc. Synchronises all moving parts into one splendid event.
On-Day Supervision Oversight of event flow to iron out any creases. Allows you to be a guest at your own party, worry-free.

In our hands, your celebration is a symphony where every note is tuned to reflect the jubilance of the occasion. Our collaboration with expert planners extends our mastery in party hire to you, guaranteeing a fete that is not only memorable but resonates with your personal touch, all within South Africa’s vibrant heart. Trust in us, your events Guys, to shepherd your event to a resounding success, just as you imagined it.

Customised Solutions for Unique Party Experiences

As the events Guys, we recognise the allure of exclusivity in orchestrating a memorable festivity. Our vast assortment of customised party solutions caters to a realm where the conventional is transcended, crafting spectacles that linger in the memory banks of all attendees. We thrive on the challenge of tailoring our offerings to suit your exquisite tastes and preferences, ensuring your event is as distinctive as it is delightful. Whether you are seeking unique event rentals for a grandiose gala or scouting for ‘party hire near me’ for an intimate soirée, rest assured, our personalised approach addresses every nuance of your dream event.

Our expertise is not just about providing a service; it’s about embedding ourselves in the essence of your celebration, transforming spaces into thematic narratives that speak volumes of your vision.

“In the fabric of your festivities, we are the weavers of wonder, seamlessly incorporating your individuality into every thread of the event tapestry.”

Indulge in our table below to discover the breadth of customised party solutions that await your command:

Customisation Aspect Example Offerings Remarkable Features
Themed Decor Enchanted Forest, Vintage Circus Immersive environments tailored to specific themes
Entertainment Live Bands, Magicians, Fire Dancers Curated performances to captivate and enthrall
Exclusive Prop Hire Custom Photobooths, Interactive Stations Unique attractions handpicked for your pleasure
Custom Catering Themed Menus, Bespoke Cocktails Culinary delights crafted to complement the theme

Let it be known, when you collaborate with us, ‘party hire near me’ evolves into an enchanting enterprise where your aspirations become the blueprint of our creation. Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction, ensuring every facet of your party is as personalised as a signature.

  • From conceptualisation to culmination, we uphold your unique vision.
  • Our range of unique event rentals is as varied as the spectrum of imagination.
  • We pledge a bespoke journey through the art of celebration, delivering unparalleled experiences tailored to your fancy.

Envision a celebration where the ambience whispers tales of your distinct style, where the pageantry of finer details sets the stage for an unforgettable saga. That is the promise we extend as your premier choice for party hire—an oath to impeccable service wrapped in the cloak of exclusivity. So go ahead and let your desires run wild, for in our world, the extraordinary is not the exception—it’s the standard.


In the tapestry of event planning and celebration within South Africa, we, the events Guys, have woven together a rich array of options for your next festivity. Whether you’re on the hunt for ‘party hire near me’, seeking immersive event rentals, or orchestrating a delightful birthday party hire, our services provide a compendium of choices designed to meet any demand. Our dedication to personalised experiences, executed with finesse and excellence, ensures that your celebration is not just another date in the diary, but a resplendent memory carved into the hearts of all who attend.

As we look back on the rich selection we’ve curated—from whimsical outdoor party hire setups that marry the beauty of nature with the joy of celebration, to elegant and stylish supplies that add sparkle to your event—we take pride in our role as creators of joy and purveyors of enchantment. It’s more than just providing party essentials; it’s about breathing life into your vision and exceeding expectations at every turn, ensuring that your celebration stands out in the multitude of gatherings.

So, whether it’s about creating magic on a shoestring budget or dreaming up an affair that speaks volumes of luxury and uniqueness, rest assured that in us, you find not just suppliers but partners in celebration. Armed with passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to quality, we stand ready to aid you in crafting a truly phenomenal event experience. Here’s to the merriment, the memories, and the multitude of moments we’ll fashion together for your next standout South African soiree.


How can I find the best party hire near me in South Africa?

Start by searching online for “party hire near me” to find local services. You can also look up Party Characters for their wide range of party equipment and event rentals catering to different budgets and The Picnic Pantry for perfect outdoor settings.

What types of party supplies and equipment can I rent?

You can rent a variety of items such as tables, chairs, decorations, bouncy castles, photoboards, themed accessories, picnic setups, and much more to cater to your specific event needs.

Do you offer themed party accessories for children’s birthday parties?

Yes, Party Characters offers an array of themed party accessories, including tableware and decorations specially designed for children’s birthday parties, such as the first birthday party package.

Can I hire equipment for an outdoor party?

Absolutely, both Party Characters and The Picnic Pantry provide a wide range of outdoor party hire options including party tent rental, picnic setups, and outdoor accessories to enhance your event.

How do I choose the right party furniture and decorations to match my event’s theme?

Our team can assist you in selecting party furniture hire options and decorations that align with your chosen themes and colour schemes. We have a diverse selection to ensure your event is stylish and memorable.

What should I consider when renting a party tent?

When considering party tent rental, think about the size of your event, the number of guests, and the weather conditions. We can help you select the appropriate tent to keep everyone comfortable.

Are there special packages for birthday party hire?

Yes, we offer specialized birthday party hire packages, which can include themed decorations, party supplies, and exciting additions like jumping castles and photoboards to make the birthday a hit.

What should I look for in event rentals for corporate functions?

Look for event rentals that offer a professional setting, comfort, and style suitable for corporate functions. Customizable options like picnic setups and platter catering can add a special touch to your corporate events.

How can I connect with expert planners for my party?

Both Party Characters and The Picnic Pantry are connected to expert planners in the area. They offer comprehensive planning services to guide you through the process, ensuring your event is seamless and tailored to your specific needs.

Can I get customised solutions for a unique party experience?

Yes, customized solutions are available for those wanting something truly bespoke. Our team will work with you to develop unique event rentals and experiences tailored just for your party.

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