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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Marquee Tent for Your Event

Choosing the right marquee tent for your event can be tricky. Clearspan marquees are a popular choice for various events. This guide will explore how to select the perfect tent, considering size, type, and quality.

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the size and type of your event helps pick the right marquee tent. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large party, selecting between traditional marquees, stretch tents, tipis, and frame marquees matters.
  • Considering durability and quality is key when choosing a marquee. Different materials suit different weather conditions. High-quality marquees ensure safety and comfort for guests.
  • The choice between renting or buying depends on your event’s frequency and budget. Renting suits occasional events with no storage worries, while buying is better for frequent use despite higher initial costs.
  • Notable manufacturers like Tentnology, Losberger De Boer, Anchor Industries, ClearSpan Structures, and Röder HTS Höcker offer various high-quality options suitable for any event need.
  • Calculating costs carefully ensures there are no surprises in your budget. Look into all factors including hire duration, set-up fees, and extra services to make an informed decision that matches both needs and financial plans.

Key Considerations for Selecting a Marquee Tent

A large marquee tent surrounded by high-quality event equipment in a bustling outdoor event space.
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Marquee Tent for Your Event 3

Consider the size of your event and the type of event you’re hosting. Also, prioritise durability and quality when selecting a marquee tent.

Size of the Event

Choosing the right marquee tent starts with understanding your event size. It’s crucial, as the number of guests directly influences the marquee size you’ll need. A handy guide can help calculate this — think about whether you’re hosting a cosy gathering or a grand affair.

Traditional marquees stretch up to 120 feet in width, suitable for large events, but frame marquees often start at 40 or 50 feet wide and could be a better fit for smaller parties.

For specific functions like weddings, church services, or general functions, selecting between peg & pole marquees and framed ones matters greatly. Each type caters to different needs and space requirements based on your guest count.

Knowing this early on ensures every attendee comfortably fits within your chosen setup without any compromise on overall experience.

Event Type

Event type plays a crucial role in selecting the right marquee tent. For weddings, parties, and church services, peg & pole marquees create an elegant and traditional atmosphere. Their grandeur makes them perfect for events where you want a touch of sophistication.

On the other hand, framed marquee tents fit various open-air events like food festivals or outdoor exhibitions. They offer flexibility in layout and are sturdy enough to withstand unpredictable weather.

Choosing between a party tent, wedding tent, or function tent depends on your specific needs. A wedding might call for a more elaborate setup with luxurious drapes and lighting, while a festival requires robustness to accommodate large crowds and ensure safety.

Each event has its unique demands—knowing these will guide you towards the perfect marquee choice.

Tent Durability and Quality

Choosing a durable and high-quality marquee tent is vital. It’s not just about the event day; it’s about ensuring safety and comfort for all your guests. To achieve this, you need to consider the materials used in the tent’s construction.

Different materials offer various benefits – some may be more suited to withstand harsh weather conditions while others might excel in aesthetic appeal but fall short on resilience.

High-quality materials are at the heart of a long-lasting marquee tent. For instance, peg & pole marquees are incredibly popular for outdoor events such as weddings and church functions because they blend strength with elegance.

However, it’s essential to dive deep into research to find which fabric and frame combination will meet your specific needs best. This way, you ensure that your portable shelter or outdoor event tent stands firm against gusty winds or unexpected downpours, making every moment under its canopy memorable for the right reasons.

Different Types of Marquee Tents

A row of diverse marquee tents set up in an outdoor event space.
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Marquee Tent for Your Event 4

Picking the right marquee tent for your event involves understanding the various types available. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • Traditional Marquees: These are the classic choice for events like weddings and garden parties. With their high peaks and elegant designs, traditional marquees create a timeless atmosphere. They often require more space due to guy ropes stretching out from the sides.
  • Stretch Tents: Known for their flexibility and modern look, stretch tents can adapt to different spaces and shapes. This makes them perfect for festivals or outdoor events where unique configurations are needed.
  • Tipis: Bringing a touch of adventure, tipis are ideal for events wanting a cosy and intimate setting. Their distinctive shape and robust structure work well for smaller gatherings, glamping experiences, or breakout spaces at larger events.
  • Glamping Tents: Growing in popularity, glamping tents add luxury to outdoor stays or festival accommodations. With plush interiors and sturdy designs, they offer comfort and style in equal measure.
  • Frame Marquees: Characterised by their strong metal frames, these tents provide an open space without internal poles blocking views or taking up room. This feature makes frame marquees suitable for exhibitions, dances, or any event requiring unobstructed space.
  • Saddlespan Tents: Recognisable by their curved roofline, saddlespan tents stand out visually while offering practical benefits such as excellent acoustics and weather resistance – perfect for concerts or theatrical performances.
  • Giant Marquees: For those hosting large scale events, giant marquees offer ample space without compromising on elegance or style. Whether it’s a big wedding reception or a corporate gathering, these tents accommodate large crowds comfortably.

Renting vs. Buying a Marquee Tent

Deciding whether to rent or buy a marquee tent for your event requires careful consideration. Here are some insights to guide you:

Initial CostLower upfront investment, but costs accumulate if frequently rented.Higher initial cost, but more cost-effective over time if used regularly.
StorageNo worries about storage as the rental company handles it.Requires space for storage when not in use, possibly incurring additional costs.
MaintenanceMaintenance and cleaning are typically the rental company’s responsibility.Owning means taking on the responsibility for maintenance and repairs, which can add up.
Variety and CustomisationAccess to a wide range of options and the ability to choose different tents for different events.Limited to using the same tent for every event, though it offers customisation that matches your exact needs.
AvailabilitySubject to availability, especially during peak seasons. Booking early is essential.Available whenever you need it, offering greater flexibility with event dates.
Long-Term CostsCan be expensive over time, especially for those who host events regularly.More economical in the long run, particularly for frequent use.

Every event planner faces a unique set of circumstances. Understanding your specific needs, from the frequency of your events to budget constraints, plays a crucial role in deciding whether renting or buying a marquee tent is the right move. Consider both paths carefully, weighing the pros and cons of each option against your event requirements.

Notable Marquee Tent Manufacturers

Choosing the right marquee tent often leads you to the makers. These manufacturers stand out for their quality, innovation, and range of options.

  1. Tentnology – This global leader has been creating high-quality tents for over 40 years. They offer a wide variety of marquees, including innovative stretch tents and traditional pole tents that are perfect for any event.
  2. Losberger De Boer – Recognised for their premium and durable marquee tents, Losberger De Boer caters to both large-scale commercial events and intimate gatherings. Their tents are known for weather resistance and elegance.
  3. Anchor Industries – With a history spanning over a century, Anchor Industries is trusted by many for their sturdy and stylish tents. They excel in producing wedding marquees and custom structures suited to any need.
  4. ClearSpan Structures – Specialising in large, industrial-grade marquees, ClearSpan provides solutions that are ideal for exhibitions and festivals. Their clear span marquees offer unobstructed space for any event’s needs.
  5. Röder HTS Höcker – Based in Germany, this manufacturer is famed for its high-tech, modular marquee systems that can adapt to any event size or type, from corporate functions to sports events.

Understanding Marquee Tent Prices

Marquee tent prices can vary a lot. This depends on many things like how big the tent is, what type it is, and how long you need it for. It’s smart to compare costs from different companies before picking one.

You’ll find that marquee hire cost also changes with the quality of the tent. A high-quality, durable marquee will likely cost more but could be worth it for your event.

Getting a detailed quote is key—it should list all costs involved in hiring a marquee tent. This includes setting up, taking down, and any extra services you might want. The Ultimate Marquee Wedding Price Guide offers an idea of basic wedding needs and possible costs.

Remembering these tips will help ensure there are no surprises when planning your event’s budget!

Outdoor Tent Considerations for Your Event

Consider the event type and space layout when choosing a marquee. Ensure ample room for seating, buffet tables, and a dance floor. Outdoor marquee rental companies offer various types and sizes to suit your hosting needs.

When selecting an outdoor event canopy, prioritise durability and quality. Different types of marquees include pole, frame, hybrid, and inflatable options to cater to specific event requirements.


Selecting the ideal marquee tent for your event involves careful consideration of various factors. Assess the size and type of your event to determine the most suitable tent. Take into account the durability, quality, and price when choosing between hiring or buying a marquee.

Explore different types of tents including clearspan marquees, traditional marquees, and stretch tents to find one that aligns with your event needs. With this comprehensive guide, you’re equipped to make an informed decision and create a memorable experience for your guests.


1. How do I determine the right size of marquee tent for my event?

Consider the number of guests and additional space needed for dining, dancing, or other activities when choosing the size of your marquee tent.

2. What type of flooring is suitable for a marquee tent?

Flooring options include raised platforms, carpeting, interlocking tiles, or natural ground cover based on your event’s needs and the location.

3. What lighting options work best in a marquee tent?

Fairy lights, chandeliers, lanterns, or uplighters can provide effective and atmospheric lighting within a marquee tent depending on your event style and ambiance requirements.

4. How can I ensure adequate ventilation in a marquee tent?

Optimal air circulation can be achieved through open sides, windows with drapes or mesh coverings and fans to maintain comfortable temperatures inside the tent.

5. Are there any weather considerations to keep in mind when selecting a marquee tent?

Evaluate potential weather conditions such as strong winds, rain or extreme heat that could impact the choice of materials and anchoring methods for your preferred marquees.

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